Last minute beer gift idea number 4 – fancy growler gear

While some people dispute the merits of growlers, the rest of us just keep filling them up. I don’t think of it as an argument about whether growlers are good or bad, rather it is a discussion about whether you like them or not. As for me, I like growlers and am not alone.

Most beer lovers enjoy no shortage of glass growlers and giving them another one is not a very thoughtful gift unless you know they want it or are particularly accident prone. And speaking of growler mishaps, consider buying someone an indestructible growler or a growler transportation unit.

Hydroflask – Probably the best growler I have come across. Of all the brewery swag that I have been gifted over the years, my Deschutes Hydroflask is perhaps my favorite. Insulated, steel construction make the Hydroflask seem practically indestructible compared to a typical glass growler. The wide mouth makes for easy, foam-free filling. There are others, and I won’t pretend to have tried them all, but a lot of people think the Hyrdorflast growler tops them all. Typically, it will cost about $50, but it is worth every penny in my opinion.

If you order one online today, it should get to you in time for Christmas. Otherwise, many retailers have them, including all PCC Market locations. It is HIGHLY recommended that you call and check stock before you drive across town. Go to the Hydroflask website and use their Stored Locator to find retailers near you. REI sells them, as do some bottleshops (growler fill stations) and breweries.

Miir Growler – I can guarantee that it WILL NOT get to you by Christmas. You are purchasing one of these before they are released, which is scheduled for (I think) February. These promises to be extremely cool, stainless steel “flip-top” growlers. Also, Miir will help provide safe drinking water to people who need it. I won’t go into details here, but instead will point you to the post we did last month about this product and this philanthropic project. Click here to learn more about the Miir Growler.

growler_on_boardGrowler on Board – Everyone needs one of these. There’s really nothing else to say. Unless you already have one, have some better solution, or don’t like growlers, you need one of these. In addition to keeping your growlers safe, they actually provide some insulation as well. The company does not make that claim, but I do. Also, the Growler on Board is also handy for draining/drying your growlers once they are empty and rinsed.

You can get the Growler on Board at local bottleshops (I know that 99 Bottles and The Beer Junction stock them). Expect them to cost between $30 and $40. I also know that Georgetown Brewing stocks them. Ask around, check with other breweries and bottleshops. You can buy them direct but I don’t about shipping times. The company’s website includes a retail locator. Visit the Growler on Board website.

This is the last gift idea post we are doing this year. See our previous.

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