Latona Pub Celebrates 25 Years

Seattle’s Venerable Latona Pub Celebrates 25 Years with a Series of Special Beers

Note: At the bottom of this post I have added some photos from the March 19th brewers night party with Black Raven.

This year marks the 25th anniversary for the Latona Pub (blog sponsor). In the coming weeks I will tell you more about the Latona Pub’s place in Seattle beer history. One of Seattle’s first truly great beer-focused pubs, the Latona Pub is celebrating its silver anniversary with a series of special beers produced exclusively for the pub. These Latona-only brews debut on select Monday nights from January through August. A week-long celebration takes place August 13th – 18th, more precisely marking the pub’s actual birthday. The complete schedule is below.

The first beer in the series, introduced in January, was produced by Mount Vernon’s North Sound Brewing. February’s beer was a special creation from John Maier of Rogue Brewing.

Other breweries contributing to the ongoing celebration include Black Raven Brewing, Sound Brewery, Anacortes Brewing, Schooner Exact BrewingNaked City Brewing and Double Mountain Brewing.

Here is the complete schedule of upcoming release events at the Latona Pub:

February 20th

The RETURN OF JOHN MAIER & ROGUE. A beer designed by one of the world’s best brewers. The 20th year John has made it back to the Latona!

March 19th
A bright spot on the Eastside brewing scene. Beaux Bowman & Crew are an adventuresome and talented bunch!

April 9th
These beer enthusiasts are taking Poulsbo by storm and brewing such amazing beer in such a short history!

May 14th
These reputable brewers return to brew a spring beer for us! They have a special place in our IPA drinker’s hearts.

June 11th
When summer returns this June, Matt & Heather will share something special and new from Sodo.

July 16th
As we approach our 25th year in August we are lucky enough to have Donn & Charlie celebrate summer with us. There will be some amazing beer showcased.

August 13th – 18th
Latona’s 25th Anniversary Week! Details coming.

Photo Gallery of March 19th Black Raven Brewers Night

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  1. Congratulations Latona!! I remember when they debuted Thomas Kemper Brewing Co beers way back in 1985!! Always a supporter of craft made WA state beers. Cudos to you!!

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