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Latona Pub prepares to celebrate Earth Week

At the Latona Pub, they celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week with some conviction. Instead of simply paying lip service, they actually do something to benefit Mother Earth. In honesty, it’s a symbolic gesture, but it’s a pretty powerful one. At the very least, it draws attention to the meaning of Earth Day. Also, events throughout the week benefit a variety of worthwhile causes.

At the core of the celebration is the act of delivering kegs to the pub without the assistance of motorized vehicles: replacing the beer’s carbon footprint with, in many cases, real footprints. Kegs are walked, biked, and even sailed. Last year, beer was delivered from as far away as Gig Harbor and Bellingham. For about a week, the pub only pours beers delivered by such unconventional means.

Delivering Kegs by People Power

Last year breweries delivered kegs by bicycle from Gig Harbor, Ballard, and Redmond. Hand trucks were used to deliver kegs from south Seattle, Fremont, Ballard, Northgate, and the University District. Kegs were delivered to the Elliot Bay Marina via sailboat and then hand-trucked to the pub.

This year the walking begins on the Monday, April 13th with a walk from Capitol Hill to the Latona. On the 18th, a 12 mile walk pushing a keg from Odin Brewing to the Latona. On the 20th, a walk from Hales to the Latona. And finally, on Earth Day the 22nd a walk from the Northgate Ram to Naked City and then on to the pub.

“These events, easily the most fun, are merely the decor on our commitment to raising planet awareness,” says Bob Brenlin, the owner of the Latona Pub. “The neighborhood pub has long been a gathering place for neighbors to discuss an array of topics from politics, the weather, and sports. At the Latona we strive to be a place not only to discuss the future of the planet, but also foster a discussion about the steps we can all take to affect change.”

Steps. Literally, steps.

“As a restaurant we are committed to using the most sustainable farms for meat and produce we can,” explains Bob Brenlin. “It means composting our food waste and recycling every bottle, box, and bucket. It means hosting and raising money for a variety of non-profit organizations dedicated to raising awareness and enacting legislation to preserve our natural resources.”

Earth Week Events at the Latona Pub

This year the Latona Pub is supporting three dedicated and worthy organizations:

On Monday April 20th at 7:00 Hale’s Ale Brewery sponsors Washington Bikes, an organization that is dedicated to increasing the awareness of bicycling and promoting legislation that will help bicycling in our community.

On Wednesday April 22nd at 7:00 the Latona Pub celebrates Earth Day with Washington Wild and the Brewshed Alliance. Proceeds from the keg brewed specifically for the event will be donated to the organization, which works to protect the watersheds from which our breweries get the water that is such an important part of the beer. The evening includes a live auction and bluegrass music.

Finally, on Saturday the 25th at 3:00 the Earth Week finale with Feet First, an organization dedicated to making the city safe and accessible for walking. We will have a special barbecue and celebrate the week-long event.



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