Latona Pub gearing up for Earth Week

Earth Week: How beers from 10+ breweries will get to Latona Pub without motorized transport!

by North Seattle Sarah
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Latona Pub has got Earth Week down – all the beers on tap during Earth Week (next week) are being delivered without the use of trucks or motorized vehicles—they’ll only come by foot, bike, hoof and sail. That pretty much means sheer man power (and animal power, and, ok, wind power) will bring you all the tasty concoctions you’ll enjoy next week!

The deliveries have already begun, with a keg of Trip 8 IPA delivered via bicycle yesterday from Elysian on Capitol Hill (about 5.5 miles on bike carrying roughly 72 pints of beer). Trip 8 IPA is a collaborative effort between Elysian and New Belgium Brewing.  Today, a keg of Naked City’s Hoptrocity is making its way around Green Lake to the pub.

Monday night, April 18th, is the final installment of Latona’s Winter-into-Spring beer series with a brewer’s night from Pike Brewing Company featuring a keg of their cask conditioned Dry Wit (it’s good, take my word on it). The event starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp (which means, at Latona Pub, get there by 6:00 if you want to sit down). To bring a keg from Pike to Latona on foot is estimated to be about a two-hour trek. Also trekking it up on foot/by hand truck from south Seattle will be kegs from Georgetown, Two Beers Brewing, and Schooner Exact.

Elliott Ryan - minding the taps at the Latona.


Next Thursday, the pub is coordinating to have kegs from Port Townsend Brewing brought over by sail power by Sail Transport Company.

On Friday next week, Earth Day, the north Seattle keg haul will include kegs from Maritime Pacific, Hale’s Ales, and Fremont Brewing (watch out for a horse and cart). A keg of cask conditioned Sunburst from RAM Northgate will also be trekked down and tapped to celebrate the day.

So if you’re driving along over the next week and see a very tired looking man with a hand truck and a keg of craft beer, smile and wave—that’s just Elliott Ryan, general manager of Latona Pub out doing his best for the planet. And for fun, follow along on Latona’s Facebook Page for pictures and updates!

(Writer’s note: I WILL be there Monday for Pike Brewer’s Night and Friday for Earth Day, so feel free to buy me a drink.)

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  1. I just witnessed Big E Brewery delivering a keg from Lynnwood on the interurban at about 125th st.

    This is pretty awesome! A lot of dedication to bring a winter beer 10 miles!

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