Latona Pub Presents a Bracket that Actually Matters to Beer Lovers

Have you filled out a bracket yet? You gotta fill it out by Tuesday afternoon. I’m not talking about a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. I’m talking about a bracket that actually matters. A bracket in which people like you and me actually have a hope of picking the winners.

I’m talking about the IPA Final Four bracket at the Latona Pub (blog sponsor). Well our very own North Seattle Sarah has already filled out hers.

Latona Final Four Showdown

by North Seattle Sarah, North Seattle Bureau Chief

After a successful few years, Latona Pub’s IPA Final Four Challege is back – and brackets need to be filled out and submitted by Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re used to losing the NBA March Madness brackets each year, and know your beer better than your sports teams (I admit, I choose my NBA teams based on how cute the mascot is), then this is definitely the event for you.

Starting Monday, March 18th, Latona Pub will put sets of IPA’s on tap – three at a time.  Your job is to predict which keg will blow first.  They’ll do this four times (timing depends on when the kegs blow), and then the four winners will be put on tap against each other.

Don’t think this is easy though – The first round features Green Flash, Boneyard, and Boundary Bay.  Boneyard won the entire event last year, and Boundary Bay won the year before – so it’ll be a tight race.

Other IPA’s coming up in the tournament include Black Raven’s Trickster, 7 Seas Rude Parrot, Elysian’s Space Dust, and of course, Georgetown’s Lucille.

Brackets are available now to be filled out at Latona Pub and turned in before the first keg blows – likely on Tuesday afternoon.


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  1. I think Jeff, is picking on you because March Madness is not NBA. It is NCAA college basketball. However I am looking forward to both!

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