Laura's Last Day at Uber Tavern

Today (Sunday Nov. 2) is Laura Stoudt’s last day at Uber Tavern – as originally reported here. This just in from theĀ Uber:

If you’ve ever been to our bar and had the privilege of spending an evening with Laura Stoudt as your bartender, you probably know how great she is. Well, they say good things never last, and sure enough, she’s leaving us for much greener pastures.

TONIGHT, Sunday Nov 2nd is her last night–perhaps ever, behind a bar.

Why? Because she got a kick-ass job selling the kick-ass beers of Elysian Brewing Company. Look out Seattle. This has been a goal of hers for some time and there is little doubt she will be very successful.

Anyway, her big night calls for a big celebration and of course some big beers. What better then to send her off with something special from her new employer?

ELYSIAN’S “THE GREAT PUMPKIN”…on tap. What else is there to know?

OK, there’s this too: 2007 NEW BELGIUM LE TERROIR

We gave Laura the choice of ANY keg we have in our cellar to pour.
She pulled the trigger on the 18-month-old sour masterpiece.

So get over your 2-day-old Halloween hangover and come have some awesome beers with her one last time! She will be missed.

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