Laurelwood Brewing Teams Up with CBA

Portland’s award-winning Laurelwood Brewing Company has teamed up with Craft Beer Alliance to get more of its product on store shelves across the Northwest and especially in the Seattle area. Expect to see more six packs of Laurelwood Brewing’s Free Range Red and Workhorse IPA on the shelves before too long.

Laurelwood Brewing is based in Portland, but also operates a satellite brewpub in Battleground, WA, which features 2.5-barrel nanobrewery system to make house-specialty beers. So, Laurelwood is already licensed as a brewery in Washington at that location. Now it is also licensed as a brewery at the Redhook (CBA) location in Woodinville and will soon begin producing Free Range Red and Workhorse IPA there. Under the agreement, Laurelwood will maintain its independence, growing its business without selling shares to outside interests.

We have the complete press release below. We also have some other information, which we gathered from a story posted on yesterday–a story which was originally reported by John Foyston for The Oregonian.

Micah Bell, the Directer of Marketing & Sales for Laurelwood, told The Oregonian that the brewpub chain will go from 7,000 barrels a year to 20,000 barrels a year, which will allow them to distribute six-packs of Free Range Red and Workhorse IPA throughout Oregon, Washington and beyond.

Micah Bell told The Oregonian, “We’re excited to be able to fill in the gaps in Oregon and Washington and especially Seattle.”

According to the report, the additional 12,000 barrels of production will be brewed in Woodinville at the Redhook/CBA facility. In Woodinville, Laurelwood’s production will consist of 12-ounce bottles and some draft of Free Range Red and Workhorse IPA. The brewing of Laurelwood products will be closely supervised by Laurelwood’s brewmaster Vasili Gletsos, who has experience on large production systems from his years at the former Portland Brewing facility now owned by Pyramid.

“With Vasili’s experience on large production systems,” Bell told The Oregonian, “We know that we definitely have the right team for this move.”

Here is the press release:

Laurelwood Brewing Co. Expands Production

Portland, Ore (June 17, 2013) – Laurelwood Brewing Co. is proud to announce a major expansion into national markets. Contracting with Craft Brew Alliance, Laurelwood is set to increase its production by as many as 15,000 barrels a year, making it finally possible to realize a long held goal of owner Mike De Kalb –packaging Laurelwood beers in 12 ounce glass bottles. With the rise of production, there will be a few changes, but the quality and consistency that gained Laurelwood its reputation will stay the same.

“We were looking to expand on our terms,” says De Kalb. “We didn’t want to change our line-up or the fact we are a Portland business by selling shares to outside interests. Instead we found a way to increase our production and keep Laurelwood a locally owned independent company.”

By working with CBA, Laurelwood gains access to the kind of equipment that can ensure quality and consistency, as well as close oversight by Laurelwood’s team of brewmasters. By using their own yeast strain, as well as carefully sourcing their ingredients, Laurelwood’s beer will continue to be distinctive, delicious and daring.

While the brewery’s flagship, Free Range Red, will no longer be a certified organic beer, Laurelwood plans to continue offering organic beers at its public houses. With regional organic hops in tight supply, as well as 2013 changes in the Certified Organic standards, De Kalb and his brewers decided to concentrate their organic program on beers such as Organic Tree Hugger Porter and a line of small batch specialty beers, allowing for greater creativity and innovation.

With their increased capacity, Laurelwood sees a bright future for Oregon brewing. The brewery that earned its reputation for being a neighborhood pub will be able to spread the Oregon brand while staying true to its values: community, taste, consistency, sustainability and keeping jobs in Portland. With its beers becoming increasingly accessible to more consumers, special beers like Megafauna Imperial IPA bringing home impressive awards and the continued loyalty and success of the local Laurelwood Pubs, there are more opportunities to raise a pint every day.

About Laurelwood Brewing Company

Laurelwood is a family owned brewery that creates one of the most recognized regional craft beers. Owners Mike De Kalb & Cathy Woo-De Kalb are dedicated to sustainable and organic practices, and first began producing certified organic beer in 2001. Laurelwood’s product line is known for its creativity and quality therefore winning many national and international beer awards. Laurelwood’s handcrafted beers can be found on draft and in bottles throughout Oregon and Washington. To find out more about Laurelwood Brewing Company go online at For all questions and follow up please email Micah Bell at [email protected]

About Craft Brew Alliance

Craft Brew Alliance is an independent, publicly traded craft brewing company that was formed through the merger of leading Pacific Northwest craft brewers – Widmer Brothers Brewing and Redhook Ale Brewery – in 2008. With an eye toward preserving and growing one-of-a-kind craft beers and brands, CBA was joined by Kona Brewing Company in 2010. Craft Brew Alliance launched Omission beer in 2012.

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