Laurelwood Pub and Brewery Opens in Battle Ground

Laurelwood Pub and Brewery opened last Friday in Battle Ground, Washington. With multiple locations around Portland, Laurelwood has finally made their way north of the Columbia River into Washington. We’ve always liked Laurelwood – the pubs and the beers. To be honest, we’ve always liked Oregon as well – the pubs and the beers. It’s just that we’ve chosen to focus this blog on Washington’s beer scene. Now that Laurelwood has officially opened in Washington, we can talk about them without guilt or shame. The new location in Battle Ground is a full service brew pub with an extensive food menu and beer made on site.


Why Battle Ground? They have a few reasons. It is a fast-growing community within easy commuting distance of Portland. In fact, Clark County, WA is one of the nation’s fasted growing counties. Battle Ground is just 30 minutes north of Laurelwood’s “Sandy Blvd” location. Many of that pub’s patron are actually from across the river in Clark, County. What’s more, Mike De Kalb — one of the owners of Laurelwood — is a native of Battle Ground.

For those of you who are unsure of the general location, Battle Ground is just east and a bit north of Vancouver, WA.

Laurelwood Pub and Brewery
1401 SE Rasmussen Blvd.
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Google Maps seems to be having some trouble locating it, but MapQuest is not.

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  1. we all ate at laurelwood pub in battleground, wa, Wednesday, May 23rd. We will not be back !!! The service was good; but the food was lousy !! macaroni and cheese with corn in it and some green long stuff?? the cheese was like a cheeze whiz, not real cheese and it was like soup !! had the dessert, the chocolate devils food cake. It was so dry, couldn’t hardly swallow it without water. My husband had the chili, had a funny taste and was real spicy….kids didn’t like the root beer and wouldn’t eat their mac and cheese either…dad had a sandwich which also had a funny taste..what a waste of money. had the pretzels; but the fondue was so skimpy, it was only enough for 1/2 of one big pretzel. (and 2 were served) it was in a little one ounce cup (can’t you afford a small pot to accompany the 2 big pretzels ??) …. Our whole table looked like nobody had even eaten!! What a waste of $80 bucks!! Sorry Laurelwood, you won’t see us back!!! so sad too, because we were really excited about going there !!

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