Live from Black Raven Brewing

Happening Right Now: Black Raven first anniversary party. The parking lot is converted into a huge 21+ beer garden with live music, food and beer stations. Hint: the rare beers are in the back. All the drinkalotti are here. Party goes until 10 tonight.

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  1. Taking a break but intend to go back later for good beer, good friends and good music. Congrats to Black Raven!

  2. You forgot to mention the goats! There were goats! Ended up making a surprise visit and had a great time. Keep up the good work BR!

  3. I’m bummed we missed going to this — we were at a birthday gathering, but were getting many text messages from friends at the event, giving us crap for not coming out to party at The Raven. Glad to hear it was so much fun!