Live from the Washington Brewers Festival

7:00 – We just overheard the park police and they say all the parking lots are full and they’re weighing their options for additional parking. I think tonight’s attendance overshot everyone’s expectations. Weather is still great.

The longest line we’ve seen by far is for Black Raven. We shouldn’t have said anything. My goodness, people are going nuts for the Coco Jones. Also, Port Townsend is pouring a couple of special treats – like a triple hopped Hop Diggidy.

The band is getting ready to start. This place is rockin’ for sure!

The line for the Coco Jones. Impressive!

5:56 – So, next to us you’ll find the WA Brewers Guild, where they are running a beer can tossing game. People are tossing cans of Milwaukee’s Best at a bed of nails and winning prizes. We wondered how long it would be before we saw someone drinking a warm, nasty Milwaukee’s Best. Didn’t take long. Disgusting, especially given all the great beer here.

5:20 – It took awhile but people have started to find the putting green. We just had our first winner.

5:00 – The first Buzz Cart beer is being tapped. It is off the end of the yellow tent. (The tents are marked with colored flags.) The first buzz beer is Fremont Brewing’s Myster de L’ete le Deuxieme. Food lines are the longest right now. View the complete post to see photos.

4:56 – We have our first Utilikilt sighting – many more kilted beer drinkers expected this weekend.

Friday, 4:30 p.m. – The bell tower at the old seminary building sounded the alarm. The weather could not be better. The Honorable David Baker, Mayor of Kenmore, just tapped the first keg. The 2010 Washington Brewers Festival is official underway.

The ceremonial tapping of the first keg.

Beer is flowing. Our first taste was the Oaked Porter from Scuttlebutt–cask-conditioned and very good. When you get here, if you are a FourSquare user, be sure to check in at Washington Brewers Festival 2010.

see the complete post for photos…

The crowd is streaming in. The festival grounds are pristine. Right now there is more space than people. Lots of elbow room.

Our booth is easy to locate. You’ll find us on your way to the sani-cans. Let’s face it, you’ll all be going there sooner or later.

Waiting for the gates to open.
The festival grounds before the crowd.
The Buzz Cart

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