Local Brewers Exhibit a “Can Do” Attitude

Today I share news of two breweries now canning beer: Schooner Exact Brewing and American Brewing. Just in time for Earth Day. Just in time for Beach Cleanup.

The Washington Beer Posse will be camping at the beach this weekend. When it comes to beer, camping and cans go together like peas and carrots. The Washington Beer Posse is the Washington Beer Blog’s intrepid beer research team and beach cleanup crew. Beach Cleanup weekend is a ritual for the Washington Beer Posse, one that predates the founding of this blog. Part of our beach cleanup ritual involves craft beer in aluminum cans.

american_brewing_canning_lineCleaning up the beach is a humbling experience. When you visit the beach, you don’t really notice the trash until you set your mind to picking it all up. It puts things into perspective. It makes you a more responsible recycler and it amplifies your contempt for litterbugs. That’s why aluminum cans work so well for Beach Cleanup weekend: you know you’re doing the right thing.

By this time, I hope nobody needs me to educate them about the virtues of packaging beer in aluminum cans. Today, two more Washington breweries join the craft-beer-in-cans club.

At 3:00 p.m. today (Wednesday, April 16), Schooner Exact Brewing will introduce it’s 3-Grid IPA in aluminum cans. The launch party at the brewery will see the first cans of the popular IPA sold for $3. Up north, in Edmonds, American Brewing Company recently completed its first canning run. As of yesterday, you can pick up six-packs of Breakaway IPA at the brewery’s tasting room.

Beach Cleanup selfie, circa 2010.

No doubt you will start seeing cans of Schooner Exact’s beer and American Brewing’s beer in bottleshops and grocery stores soon, alongside other Washington-brewed canned beers. Cheers to 7 Seas Brewing for being the first Washington craft brewery to can its product back in 2010. (Take a trip in the time machine and see our post from four years ago.) And cheers to the other Washington breweries that followed in their footsteps, like Two Beers Brewing (blog sponsor), Airways Brewing (blog sponsor), Fremont Brewing, Wingman Brewers, and so on.

Washington CoastSaver’s Beach Cleanup

This Saturday is the annualĀ Washington CoastSavers Beach Cleanup day.

Kim holds up an example of one of the 10,000 little bits of yellow rope we will probably find on the beach again this year. Courtesy of the local "aquaculture" ratbastard litterbug seafood farmers.
Kim holds up an example of the 10,000 little bits of yellow rope we will probably find on the beach again this year. Courtesy of the local “aquaculture” ratbastard litterbug seafood farmers.

This weekend the Washington Beer Posse will be scouring Grayland Beach for garbage. Saturday, April 19, from Long Beach to Cape Flattery, thousands of people will be sifting through the sand, searching through the beach grass, hunting behind driftwood, and attempting to make our Washington beaches just a little bit cleaner.

You are invited to join us. Or join any other group. Or don’t join a group. Just head to the beach and do it. The organizers like to have you sign in, so they can keep a tally on how many people are out there doing it. Go to the website and learn more. It’s a good thing. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday in the spring.


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