Local brewers united to support climate change policies

The news that 24 breweries signed onto the National Climate Declaration has been getting a lot of national publicity. Huffington Post, Bloomberg, The Hill, The Oregonian, The Sun-Times National, and others have all done stories about it, so let’s add the Washington Beer Blog to that list.

Northwest breweries that signed the National Climate Declaration include Deschutes, Fremont, Hopworks, Ninkasi, Redhook and Widmer. The Climate Declaration is organized through the sustainable business group Ceres and involves businesses of all kinds, not just breweries. By signing, each business pledges to take action to reduce emissions from its business, and also to support political action at the national level.

The national pledge is in addition to a Washington Climate Declaration that has so far been signed by nearly 200 businesses. Breweries signing that pledge include Chuckanut, Fremont, Georgetown, and Redhook.

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