Local Myth Busted: There is Good Beer in Chelan

There are amazing sites to see here in Washington. People travel from across the nation and around the world to see them. Lake Chelan is one those kinds of destinations. I won’t bore you with details about the remarkable beauty of the lake and the surrounding area except to say that it’s a shame if you’ve never experienced it for yourself. And they have beer.

Yesterday I posted a story about Lake Chelan Brewery in Manson, which is a small town on the eastern shores of Lake Chelan near Wapato Point. More people are familiar with the town of Chelan. It’s bigger (not saying much) and is actually along the route to somewhere else. Since more of you are more likely to visit the town of Chelan, I think it fair to share some information with you about finding beer there.  (Though I should remind you that there’s a brewery eight miles up the road in Manson.)

I’d be lying if I said that I’ve visited every bar in Chelan, but I did follow recommendations from some beer-savvy locals. That’s how I discovered Local Myth Pizza, where they serve salads, thin crust pizza, and good beer. It’s not a myth; they have good beer.

In a town like this, finding good beer can be a challenge. Demographically, it might seem more like a Bud Light town or a Corona town, but Local Myth Pizza offers a nice selection of eight taps, all pouring craft beer. It was a thoughtful selection, obviously picked by management and not suggested by distributors. They also have a nice craft-focused selection of bottles.

When I was there, the draft list included Bale Breaker’s Field 41 Pale Ale, Hopworks’ Organic IPA, Georgetown Porter (which they still referred to as 9 Pound Porter), Alpine Brewing’s Martzen,  No-Li Brewhouse’s Crystal Bitter, along with three more-predictable but still-good options. We also saw evidence that they’d recently blown through a keg from American Brewing Company.

While you city slickers might raise an eyebrow and question how I could possibly identify that as a worthy tap list, I’ve spent enough time out here in the boonies to know that it is rare to find a selection like that in a town like Chelan. I could tell that other patrons recognized this place as the beer stop in town. People actually came in and ordered beer and not food. It’s a restaurant, not a bar. It seems Local Myth Pizza recognizes its place as the craft beer bastion in this town. It did not seem to be an issue that two guys wanted “just beers.” They actually have a bar and perhaps you’d feel most comfortable there if all you want is beer.

Again, I should make it clear that there may be other places in town with comparable tap lists, but if there are I have not seen or heard about them.

As far as food goes, we shared a salad and a pizza and could not have been more impressed. The Greek salad was amazing, with a rich and unique dressing. The Puttanesca pizza (who does that?) was delicious, served on deliciously thin crust.

This is a very worth stop for both beer and food in downtown Chelan. Very much deserving of a shout-out on both accounts.

122 S. Emerson St.
Chelan WA 98816



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