Locöl opens today with a focus on local product

Here at the Washington Beer Blog, don’t expect us to deny the fact that we are unapologetic homers. Admittedly, we do not drink 100 percent local beer, but most often we find it very easy to live by the “drink local” mantra given the fact that we live in a community blessed with so many great breweries.

Today at noon, in West Seattle’s Highpoint neighborhood, a new restaurant and bar named Locöl is opening that shares our philosophy. The name is a play on the English word local and the Swedish word for beer. In Swedish the word folköl means “folk beer.” Locöl will focus on local product, both in terms of food and in terms of beer.

Photo courtesy of Locöl's Facebook page (facebook.com/locolwestseattle).

We were fortunate enough to attend a soft opening of Locöl last week. Located on 35th Avenue SW, one of West Seattle’s main drags, Locöl is warm and cozy, friendly and inviting. Lots of dark and warm wood, plenty of seating at the bar, and walls adorned with artwork by local artists. Everything here seems very thoughtful, from the wood-paneled walls to the lighting, the art, and the beer selection. Every piece is well considered. Although we did not eat, the menu was tempting and the food we saw delivered to tables around us looked amazing.

Locöl features a limited number of taps (six) but the beer promises to be very thoughtfully chosen. We appreciate that. I’d rather go to a bar with six well-selected taps than a bar with 26 taps assigned at the distributors’ discretion. Locöl will focus on regional beers, with an extra focus on hyper-local products: beers from Seattle. You will not find Blue Moon or Stella Artois on tap at Locöl. Sorry.

Cheers to Locöl for its commitment to local product!

You can find Locöl in West Seattle at 7902 35th Ave. SW.

It is said that a pictures is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, how many words is a video worth? KOMO 4 News paid a visit to Locöl. Here is that video.

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  1. Went there after reading this post yesterday. Very impressed. They took there time and thought about the details. Good beer selection and the food was great. A much needed cozy place within walking distance! Definitly worth checking out.

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