Look Out, Ninkasi is Taking Over

This Thursday, Feb. 21 Ninkasi Brewing plans to take over taps at more than 100 different locations in the western United States: a west coast tap-takeover event. From Bellingham to Bozeman, Spokane to Santa Cruz, and many points in between, Ninkasi will take over at least 5 taps at taverns, pubs and other drinking establishments. Obviously, with this many tap-takeovers, distributors will be doing most of the leg work. Meaning, you will find five Ninkasi beers on tap at your local watering hole, but probably not a brewery representative. Still, the distributors will do their best to educate you about the beer and the brewery.

See your city’s name on the poster below? Then there is tap-takeover happening close to you. In fact, there might be one happening close to you even if your city is not listed. For example,  I first learned about this event from Becky at the Dog and Pony Alehouse in Renton. She described the massive tap-takeover as Ninkasi’s attempt to set a world record. I haven’t heard anything from Ninkasi about that. I’m not sure who sanctions such world records. Guinness, I suppose.

Everyone feel free to chime in and leave a comment if you know the exact location of one of these tap-takeover events.


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  1. Yep. We’re taking over a few taps on the 21st in all of our markets which include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and an ever increasing swath of California. The thought behind the event was to get our distributor partners included in the fun and help educate them on what happens after the keg is dropped off at the account. So many times the distributor is seen as an order taker and nothing more and we wanted to challenge that notion a bit. Sure, at the end of the day their main goal is to push the big domestics, it pays the bills after all, but an increasing number of the reps are getting pretty passionate about the expanding number of craft beers they’re offering. We chose to try and help push their education with this Tap Takeover promotion. All of Team Ninkasi will be out there representing at as many of these events as possible but, with something near 150 events, chances are you’ll be running into a distributor rep at your local watering hole tomorrow night. Don’t worry. They don’t bite. They’re beer lovers just like the rest of us. Sometimes they just wear ugly polos…

  2. Any idea where they’re doing this in West Seattle? I see it on the list but haven’t seen anything posted by the usual suspects.

  3. I’d bet a “C” note that the Beveridge Place Pub on California at Fauntleroy will be one of them. They already love their stuff there and they won’t even flinch at 5 taps because they have a lot. I personally love their IPA, but its very pricey.

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