Lowercase Brewing celebrating 5 years on January 19th with a hot stone beer


To commemorate its five-year anniversary, Lowercase Brewing wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something challenging, something kind of intense. They decided to brew a Gerrman-style steinbier (stone beer), a beer made using a process that involves dropping super-heated rocks into the wort. Get it at the anniversary celebration on January 19.

“We knew that celebrating our five-year anniversary was a huge deal and we knew that we needed to make a really interesting beer to encapsulate the moment,” says Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Lowercase Brewing. “So not only did we dream up something that was super challenging, it was also pretty rad.”


Kegs were modified (cut up) to house the stones — pillow basalt stones from east of the cascades. The kegs and stones were heated over fire until they were smokin’ hot, then those kegs full of stones were lowered into the wort. Using these super-heated stones created a lot of steam and hence a lot of evaporation, which brought out some interesting, uncommon flavors. They describe it as “faint caramel notes and an interesting minerality derived from the pillow basalt stones.”

Here’s a video from Hopstories.

The beer will only be available at the Lowercase taproom in Georgetown at the fifth anniversary party on Saturday, January 19th (noon – 10:00). Joining them for the celebration, “Tôste” will serve up some delicious sweet and savory French toast sandwiches from 4:00 – 7:00 (www.tostesandwiches.com).