Mac & Jack’s Beer Pairing Dinner at The Swiss

On Wed. Aug. 27th at 6:30 pm, The Swiss in Tacoma is hosting a beer pairing dinner with Mac & Jack`s Brewing. The menu consists of four courses and six beers, plus there will be a raffle featuring items from Mac & Jack`s. It’s not all about African Amber, you know. This event will also offer Serengeti Wheat, IBIS IPA, Two Tun IPA, Black Cat Porter, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark Ale

Representing the brewery, Keith Carpenter will talk about the different beers and the Mac & Jack’s history. Tickets can be purchased ($40) at The Swiss, 1904 South Jefferson, Tacoma WA.


Serengeti Wheat

Course 1
African Amber
Served with and featured in African Amber Nachos. Ground Lamb Roasted in African Amber w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Onions over Fried & Seasoned Plantain Chips w/ Mint Tzatziki

Course 2
Served with and featured in IBIS Scallop Ceviche w/ Tropical Fruit Salad. Grilled and Chilled Pineapple, Mango & Papaya w/ IBIS Ceviche of Scallop & Corn Salsa

Course 3
Two Tun IPA
Served with and featured in Two Tun Braised Short Ribs Black Pepper Peach BBQ Beef Short Ribs w/Couscous , Roasted Baby Car rot & Edamame

Course 4
BlackCat Porter
Served with and featured in BlackCat Porter Float. Blackcat Porter infused Vanilla Ice Cream floating in Delicious Dark

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark Ale


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  1. We got a couple 22s of the Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark a couple weekends ago. It will make a great “farewell”. I’m not a huge fan of the barrel aged beers – but if you are this is a great one.

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