Manito Taphouse celebrates the 12 beers of Christmas with rare treats each day

The Manito Tap House might be the best beer bar Seattleites have never heard of. That’s because it’s in Spokane. Still, there’s no denying greatness, and the Manito is a great place to enjoy outstanding beers. Among the things that impress me, they were the first bar I ever visited that posted publicly, in the bar, the schedule for cleaning the draft system, including information about what exactly they do to maintain the beer lines and faucets.

I digress. Manito Tap House is hosting its 2nd Annual 12 Beers of Christmas, which started on December 12th and ends on the 23rd. Each day they’ll tap into a different, rare and delicious treat. Here’s the lineup.


  • Pelican MOAS ’16
  • Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA ’14
  • Firestone Walker Parabola ’15
  • Avery Uncle Jacobs ’15
  • Fremont Rusty Nail ’16
  • Green Flash Silva Stout ’15
  • Fremont Bourbon Abominable ’14
  • The Bruery Cuivre
  • North Coast Old Rasputin XVII
  • Port Brewing Older Viscosity ’15
  • Rodenbach Alexander
  • Goose Island Regal Rye ’16

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