Beer and masks in our COVID world.

Masks in bars and taprooms. What’s all the hubbub about?


I recently published a rare op-ed about some of the issues surrounding the pandemic-related health and safety guidelines pertaining to restaurants, bars, and brewery taprooms. That was before the enactment of Washington’s statewide rule regarding masks. This is a followup to the previous op-ed with more specific comments about that new rule. (Disclosure. I actually do know people who have contracted the virus. Some suffered but did survive, thankfully, while others are still fighting.)

Regarding masks, here are some thoughts about masking up, especially if you are headed to a bar or a brewery taproom.

  1. That’s what Facebook is for. Nobody at the taproom or bar cares about your opinion of the rule. Nobody wants to argue with you about the rule. The person working at the taproom or bar is required to enforce the mask rule just like they are required to enforce all sorts of other rules to which we’ve become accustomed. There’s a rule that says bars cannot serve alcohol to minors, but I’ve never seen a YouTube tantrum over the enforcement of that rule. If you want to have a tizzy fit about the mask rule, that’s what Facebook is for.
  2. Don’t be that guy. If you are the kind of person who walks into a bar or taproom and uses the excuse “I have respiratory issues” to avoid wearing a mask, even though you do not have respiratory issues, then you are a very particular kind of douche tuba. Do you realize how insensitive and disrespectful that is to people who really do have those kinds of issues? Do you also park your car in ADA parking spots? Don’t be that person.
  3. Ah, look at the pretty little flower! If you refuse to believe the scientists, doctors, and other experts who say we should wear masks, consider this. A mask proves that you are NOT some pretty little flower who cannot tolerate even the tiniest little inconvenience. A mask proves that you are a good American and are willing to tolerate a teeny, tiny bit of discomfort in support of making America healthy again. Put on your big-boy pants and take your medicine like mommy says.
  4. Wow. Just wow. If you think the pandemic is a hoax, then wow. Just wow. Until we have a little talk about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, I cannot help you.
  5. Would you like a side of E.coli with your COVID? If you go to a bar or taproom and discover that the establishment is skirting the mask rule, allowing or even encouraging patrons to also skirt or ignore the mask rule, then you should have some serious questions about your safety. If they are ignoring the mask rule, what other rules are they ignoring? Do employees wash their hands after they go to the bathroom? Do they refrigerate raw chicken? Did they cook your hamburger to temperature? So many of the other rules that taprooms, bars, and restaurants regularly follow are a lot more time-consuming and burdensome than the mask rule. Do you really want to get sick just so the brewery, bar, or restaurant can make what they imagine is a political point?

I hope this helps you understand the value of masking up. Though I have no illusions about my ability to change anyone’s mind, this does ease my own mind. Thank you for your kind indulgence.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled and less-controversial beer news and information.




  1. WOW. Glad I read this so I could see for myself you’re just another stupid lemming who cannot think for themselves. This “virus” has not increased our expected death rate at all. Notice they keep saying the cases are going up, NOT deaths. Also, they have majorly fucked up testing and admitted to it! Contaminated swabs, counted antibody tests as positive current cases, counting non-covid deaths as covid deaths, the list goes on and on. How about pull your head out of your ass you sheep?

    1. I don’t understand… are you saying the 125,000+ people who have died in the US from COVID-19 are actually still alive? I mean that as a serious question, people have died, what in the world are you talking about?

      Beyond that though, as this so perfectly said, put on your adult pants and try acting like a fucking American for one second. Fun fact, you’ve had to wear pants and a shirt a shoes to go to a brewery forever… this is just another article of clothing you have to wear. If children can do it surely you can as well.

    2. Better a sheep being led to greener pastures than a lamb being led to the slaughter.

      Thanks for stopping by Renee. Hope you bought a T-shirt. You known , a little something to remember us by since you will never be back.

  2. A) I’m fine with wearing a mask.
    B) I’m still gonna vote for Donald Trump.
    C) You didn’t explain how I’m supposed to drink my beer with a mask on.

    1. Sam,
      B &C don’t help you thought process. While seated you may remove your mask and drink, I hope that helps you with C.
      When voting, think about all the stupid shit tRump has said and done. It would take pages to list them all, I won’t do that as it is too depressing.

    2. I did not explain that part about drinking your beer because I figured that anyone who could read was smart enough to understand how this rule works. I guess I was wrong. I am sure you are being rhetorical, but you do not need to wear your mask when seated at your table, only when coming in and going out, and when you are up away from your table.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope you bought a T-shirt while you were here. A little something to remember us by.

  3. Renee, this is not Facebook, please refer to the article he just posted. And thank you WABeer Blog for always having our backs, you are a strong supporter of good beer and good times I will always appreciate it!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you for posting this, Kendall.

    If people refuse to believe science and data, then they can stay away and hang out with like company, such as anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers. Good riddance to them.

  5. Hey Renee, when you’re out pounding your beat on the street in Yakima do you ask your Johns to wear a condom?

  6. Well said! We are all trying to roll boulders uphill to get the koolaid drinkers to understand facts and common sense. But good on you for showing the rest of us that we are supported. May you and yours stay safe.

  7. The virus doesn’t care who you vote for. The virus doesn’t care if you wear a mask. The virus doesn’t care if you are a ‘douche tuba’. These are things we have control over. I don’t want to find myself lamenting that I would not be sick or had made my loved ones sick if I had been more careful. Thanks Kendall for sticking your neck out. No good deed goes unpunished.

  8. Hey Renee, I ain’t wearing this mask for me.

    Kendall, keep up the brave work of being an adult! It is much appreciated.

  9. Thank you Kendall!

    Time for certain people to pull up their big boy and girl panties. Wear your mask or stay home.

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