McMenamin's Coming to Tacoma?

According to a story in the Tacoma News Tribune on Tuesday, two developers plan to buy the 93-year-old former Elks Temple at 565 Broadway in Tacoma. This is part of a plan to create a new McMenamin’s hotel, brewpub, and entertainment venue.

The white stucco Elks Temple has been languishing for years and is a frequent target for vandals. Some say it has become an eyesore. Still, it’s a cool old building and has its place in Tacoma history. If you have ever visited any of the McMenamin’s properties, you know the deal. They will restore the building and turn it into a sort of playground for grown-ups.

The story in the Tribune said, “The developers are relying on federal grants and loans to accomplish this project.” We’ll have to wait and see if the plan ever comes to fruition.

Here’s a picture of the building that I found through the Tacoma Public Library’s Web site. Easy to see why McMenamin’s would be interested. Seems right up their alley.


  1. Sweet! Hotel California comes to Washington. If its like the McMenamin’s in Troutdale, OR it will be a fun place to party but maybe not as fun to stay overnight because of the drunken revelry that goes on into the night (along with pulled fire alrams, etc.)

    This isn’t a complaint really, just an observation on how much fun some people have when they’ve got a couple under their belt…

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