Metier Brewing Company of Woodinville, Washington.

Metier Brewing invites supporters to help it weather the storm


It has long been a policy here on the Washington Beer Blog to not promote or endorse Kickstarter and other crowdfunding efforts. I have my reasons and don’t want to explain those here except to say that the current circumstances have caused me to reevaluate the situation. Our pandemic-afflicted world has everyone scrambling, doing anything to recover and stay alive. I want to help if I can. So with that, I introduce Metier Brewing Company’s current Kickstarter campaign.

“We’re turning to our community for help,” the campaign’s website says. “Assist us in getting back on our feet and enjoy some fun MBC experiences! …MBC like many craft breweries and other small businesses have been gravely impacted by COVID 19. And we, like others, aspire to re-open, reimagine, and in some ways re-create ourselves.”

The campaign invites supporters to donate any amount of money, starting at $1. Of course, larger contributions are welcome, all the way up to thousands of dollars. In exchange for donations, Metier Brewing is offering all sorts of rewards. Some of the larger donation amounts are intended to help the company reach goals beyond simply surviving and reopening. You can help the brewery grow and improve. For instance, you can help the brewery buy its own food truck to serve the taproom.

Located in Woodinville, Metier Brewing is Washington’s first black-owned brewery and is one of only a handful of black-owned breweries in the entire nation. The brewery has earned a reputation for fostering a sense of community and actively working at community-building.¬†Among other accolades, the brewery’s Coconut Porter won a silver medal at the Washington Beer Awards in 2018.

I encourage you to take a look at Metier Brewing’s campaign and consider contributing. Also, if other breweries around Washington are conducting similar campaigns to help survive the pandemic, please contact me.



  1. Love these guys! They have and awesome assortment of brews so you can find something to like.

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