Beer Industry Jobs: MiiR (growlers) opening a flagship store

A couple years ago we told the story of MiiR, a company that introduced an innovative new growler. The Seattle-based company produces BPA-free stainless steel growlers, water bottles, and more. Miir will soon open a flagship store in Fremont that will offer more than a simple retail experience.

My take on the MiiR flagship store is that it will be something akin to REI’s flagship store. Not only do you buy rock climbing gear at REI, but you can actually climb a rock wall there too. Not only will Miir sell growlers, but they will fill them as well.

They are looking for a beer-savvy professional to manage the retail beer operation: a Beer Lead. See below for more details.

The Store


The MiiR flagship store will have a coffee bar, a beer lab, and a growler-filling station with 15 beers on tap. While they will sell their signature bottles, growlers, tumblers, bikes and soon-to-be-unveiled backpacks, MiiR’s founder Bryan Papé wants the shop to offer more than just a transactional experience.

“We see this as much more than a retail store. We want to create a welcoming, third-space that is uniquely designed to invite people into the MiiR story,” said Papé on their plans to further the pioneering vision for Stone34, the innovative, super-green building in which the Miir store will be located. “Moving from digital sales to a physical location was a big decision, but we knew Stone34 was the best match because we love working in Fremont and the idea of occupying a space built on values of sustainability and community.”

MiiR growlers are not only innovative, and very cool, but they do more than carry beer. For each bottle or growler it sells, MiiR dedicates one dollar to the cause of providing safe drinking water to people in Liberia. Water is the number one cause of death in developing nations. Water kills more people each year than all violence combined, including wars. About 80 percent of the diseases in the world are blamed on unsafe water and sanitation. Primarily, unsafe drinking water kills children. Over one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water.

The flagship location will allow MiiR to invite guests to experience their usual offering of sustainable products with a purpose, as well as introduce two new channels for empowered giving: craft coffee and beer. MiiR will offer multiple craft beers on tap for on premise enjoyment as well as growler fills. There will also be a multi-roaster coffee bar. And similar to the MiiR hydration product line, for each beverage purchased, MiiR will help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

The Job

Qualified candidates should go to https://www.miir.com/Articles.asp?ID=345

TITLE: Beer Lead

REPORTS TO: Director of Retail

HOURS: Up to 40 hours per week



  • Must be 21 Years or Older
  • 2 years of craft beer industry & management experience (highly desired)
  • Dedicated to professionalism and service-forward work ethic


  • Develop and grow craft beer program for MiiR Flagship Retail Store
  • Curate & manage rotation of tap selection, ensuring high-end craft selection
  • Develop partnership events to be held in-house, highlighting products
  • Be an active, contributing, positive member of the MiiR Flagship team
  • Embrace the values, mission and goals of the MiiR brand
  • Ability to communicate a broad network of complex, detail-oriented information clearly, effectively and respectfully with team members and guests
  • Provide exceptional guest experience and serve as an example of such to all staff members
  • Comprehensive knowledge of MiiR products and their uses, functions and components
  • Participate in ongoing professional training and education (classes, activities, assigned reading, etc.)
  • Serve as a source of information, support and motivation for all staff members
  • Serve as the leader of the MiiR Flagship team during certain assigned shifts
  • Develop and grow craft beer training program for new staff members
  • Organize and maintain an exceptionally clean, highly functional work space
  • Participate in business marketing activities as required
  • Other duties as needed – this is a new position, and the Director of Retail and Director of Coffee will work closely with this position to shape clear expectations of duties and responsibilities for staff


  • MiiR Beer Lead will be accountable to and evaluated by the MiiR Director of Retail

Essential Physical Job Functions:

  • Constant standing/walking
  • Stooping, kneeling or crawling
  • Pushing, pulling, lifting or carrying up to 200 lbs
  • Computer/POS Register and bar equipment usage
  • Frequent, continual, intermittent flexing or rotation of the wrist(s) and spine
  • Constant reaching, turning, and performing precision work around bar area
  • Constant receiving detailed information through oral communication.
  • Constant talking, expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word
  • Occasional Distinguishing, with a degree of accuracy, differences or similarities in intensity or quality of flavors and/or odors