mill 95 - idaho hop producer offering assistance for impacted breweries

Mill 95 offers financial relief for breweries


Idaho Hop Producer Stepping Up to Assist Breweries Impacted by COVID-19 Shutdowns

Mill 95 is a world-class hop production facility located in Parma, Idaho. The company is currently offering assistance to breweries impacted by the pandemic shutdowns by providing low-cost or no-cost hops. Learn more about the program in the press release below and by visiting

a mountain of citra hops at Mill 95 in idaho
I was there on a Citra day.

About Mill 95

Many of Washington’s brewers are unfamiliar with Mill 95. It is currently self-described as “the nation’s most advanced hop pelleting mill,” probably by virtue of the fact that it is the newest. Mill 95 was established in 2016, rapidly erected in time for the 2017 harvest, and offers Idaho’s hop farmers with a local option for cold storage, cone-to-pellet processing, and logistics services. Previously, Idaho’s just-harvested hops were shipped, primarily, to facilities in Yakima for processing.

perrault hop harvester control panel at Mill 95.
Perrault Hop Harvester control panel at Mill 95.

I visited Mill 95 during the 2019 harvest and saw the facility in action, from the shiny-new Perrault Hop Harvester to the kiln and the bailers. Located about 30 minutes west of Boise, the facility covers more than 63,000 square feet on 20 acres. It’s impressive and happily similar to the state of the art facility at Perrault Farms in Toppenish, WA.

hop harvester in action at Mill 95.

As far as hop varieties are concerned, local farmers are growing Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, El Dorado, Sabro, and several others. Of course, Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem are on the list too.

Here is the press release about the Mill 95 relief program

Idaho Hop Producer Provides Relief During Crisis

Mill 95 develops initiative to help distressed breweries

Parma, ID – Mill 95, an Idaho processor and marketer of premium hops, is taking immediate and significant action to help craft breweries in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many industries, craft breweries around the nation and across the world have been devastated by the impacts of the crisis, leaving their taprooms closed, workers furloughed, and are unable to get their beer to their customers. Craft brewers need help and need it now. With little to no sales, getting back on their feet will be tough to impossible due to cash flow issues.

In response to this need Mill 95 has launched a Brewery Relief Program. This program will enable Mill 95 employees to work directly with distressed craft brewers by supplying hops on a deeply discounted or no cost basis, in an effort to ease their cash battle. Mill 95 employees will also work with craft brewers in helping promote their breweries – with limited cash, investing in marketing is a far reach for these craft breweries.

Mill 95’s Brewery Relief Program revolves around direct communication between craft brewers and Mill 95 employees, where they will be empowered with tools that can really help these breweries. The tools include a portfolio of hops that can be immediately shipped to brewers at little to no cost, as well as providing varieties through 2021 under contract with extreme discounts. Mill 95 will also include craft breweries in digital media ads that are created in collaboration with breweries and disseminated effectively to reach the brewery’s target customers. And on a very limited local basis, Mill 95 has the ability to arrange for temporary work for furloughed brewery employees at Mill 95 and our partner hop growers.

To enroll in Mill 95’s Brewery Relief Program, brewers can simply visit An easy contact form to be completed by the brewery, and a Mill 95 employee will be in touch within 24 hours.


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