A monumental night at the Beveridge Place – the end of an era

Tonight, Black Raven Brewing’s Trickster IPA will be inaugurated as the new house IPA at the Beveridge Place Pub. As we reported back in November (read it), when they tallied the votes at the conclusion of the 2009 Hoptoberfest tournament, longtime champion Boundary Bay IPA finally lost the crown. Trickster IPA will be the house IPA for 2010.

It was a bloodless coupe. We’ve posted the video below. Next October, Black Raven will defend their title. Until then, they will supply the Beveridge Place with (on average) five kegs of IPA per week.

The crew from Black Raven will be at the Bev tonight to celebrate, talk about beer and give away swag. The festivities get underway at 7:00 p.m.

Many of the regulars at the Beveridge Place Pub thought this day would never come. For the past four years, Boundary Bay IPA has been the people’s choice by a long, long shot. While Snoqualmie Falls Wildcat IPA and Harmon Pt. Defiance IPA were the perennial runners up, inside sources tell us that it was never even close until this year when the Trickster came out of nowhere to upset the champ.

This is a monumental night at the Beveridge Place Pub. It would be a gross understatement to say that the “Bellingham Behemoth” was firmly entrenched in the line up. It is no joke, many patrons at the Bev know how to order Boundary Bay IPA using sign language, myself included; although, the gesture could just be something that Lorraine made up to make us look silly.

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