More New Breweries Coming to Ballard’s Redhook Brewery District

A couple months back, when Reuben’s Brews opened in Ballard, I suggested that we nickname the area the Redhook Brewery District. I have my reasons. Although Redhook no longer brews there, it was the first craft brewery to call Ballard home when it opened its original brewery on Leary Way in 1982 and secured its place in beer history as one of the very first craft breweries of the modern American craft beer era. Read the original post if you want to revisit the argument (more like a thought than an argument, really).

Today I am reporting that another brewery has applied for licenses and aims to open in the Redhook Brewery District. Peddler Brewing Company intends to open in the space formerly occupied by Maritime Pacific Brewing (1514 Leary Ave NW). Although it is probably still too early to imagine an opening date, pictures on the Peddlers Brewing Facebook page suggest that construction is underway.


Image unapologetically pinched from the Peddlers Brewing Facebook page.

A few blocks away, Urban Family Brewing is getting very close to pouring its own beer. The company currently operates as Urban Family Public (5329 Ballard Ave NW) but has always intended to expand operations to include brewing. You can follow their progress on Facebook as well.

Depending on where you draw the line, Ballard’s Redhook Brewery District includes Hale’s Ale Brewery, Maritime Pacific Brewing, Northwest Peaks Brewing, Hilliard’s Beer, Reuben’s Brews and now two more coming soon.


  1. If the beer’s good, the more the merrier. :o)

    Speaking of new breweries, has there been any mention on the blog of Everett’s latest brewery, Justice Brewing?

  2. I think you meant NW Peaks Brewing, Kendall. Also, don’t forget about Populuxe Brewing.

    8. That’s 8 breweries in my neighborhood. Welcome, guys! That Red Hook District brewery crawl is going to be a looooong day.

  3. It must be NW Peaks Brewery, and they have been doing some of the most exciting brewing in Ballard for some time now, people in this part of town know that already though. While I respect Red Hook and their Ballard roots, they are gone, and the community already has a name for where these breweries are popping up- It’s called Ballard.

  4. Redhook is in Woodinville. Ballard is anything but Woodinville. I understand the historical significance of Redhook in the Ballard/Fremont area, but let’s leave the Eastside… well… on the Eastside.

  5. Better watch those Eastside comments, LOL! We have some really good breweries (I’d pit Black Raven against anything being done in Ballard any day of the week, truly talented folks at BR) over here and more popping up. Hell Woodinville is a boozehounds paradise. 55 wineries, 5 distilleries, and 5 breweries. Blows my mind that the city doesn’t do more with what they have to get tourists in, but the town needs a hotel bad.

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