More New Breweries in Washington: The Madness Continues

At times, I am tempted to throw my hands in the air and say, “I give up! You win.”

Keeping up with all the continuing growth of the Washington brewing industry remains a constant challenge. I curate maps and lists of such things, which is not a task anyone should envy. Granted, there are worse ways to spend your time; untying knotted shoelaces comes to mind. But, alas, I am committed to at least trying to keep up with the ongoing madness.

Let’s talk about the recent changes and additions to our list of Washington Breweries and Brewpubs, which I catalog below. Yes, for you hardcore beer tasters and trekkers, there are new breweries on the list. Fresh meat!

Photo by John Beath, MyTravelTastes.com.
Perry Street Brewing. Photo by John Beath, MyTravelTastes.com.

I currently count 237 breweries in Washington, but am more comfortable saying that Washington is now home to “about 230 breweries.” The exact number is a moving target influenced by many factors. Trying to determine an exact number gives me a headache in my eye. You don’t want to know the details. Oye! I should point out that the Washington Liquor Control Board currently reports 263 licensed breweries, but that number really has nothing to do with the number of breweries actually making beer. Bah!


If you know of any new brewery info that I’ve missed, please contact me. Only send me information about breweries that are now officially open and selling beer, or are about to open for real. I’m talking about actual, licensed breweries.


Highway 530 in Snohomish County is open again. We should now begin transforming our sympathy into support. How better to support a community than by drinking its beer?

North Jetty Brewing. Photo by Kendall Jones.

Whiskey Ridge Brewing in beautiful downtown Darrington is now pouring beers. Open on the weekends during the afternoon. Keep an eye on Facebook or otherwise contact the brewery to confirm.

River Time Brewing in Darrington is located a couple clicks up-river from town along the Mountain Loop Highway. Definitely keep an eye on Facebook or contact the brewery to confirm that they’ll be open.

Other Changes and Additions

Railside Brewing moved from Washougal to a location in Vancouver.

Doomsday Brewing (formerly licensed in Vancouver) just opened in Washougal. They recently began shipping beer and the taproom at the brewery opens soon.

Laurelwood Public House & Brewery in Battleground is now Northwood Public House & Brewery. From what I gather, it is about to start serving the first batch of house-brewed beer.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewing in Newport, WA is changing its name to Top Frog Brewing. The name change should help avoid any confusion with another brewery with a similar name in Akron, OH.

Top Rung Brewing. Photo by Kim Sharpe Jones.

The Hop Crew Brewing in Sequim is brewing beer and kegs of THC beers are finding their way to pubs around the greater Port Angeles metroplex.

Triple R Brewing is a nano-brewery operating out of a residential location in Wallingford. They poured recently at the Aloha Beer Fest in Bothell.

Sno Town Brewery in Snohomish is a production-only brewery. No tasting room. They tell us the beer is “selling like gangbusters” at The Hawthorne Pub in downtown Snohomish.

In case you missed it, FlyCaster Brewing opened in Kirkland a few weeks ago.

Bushnell Craft, which opened in March, is a fairly recent addition. Beer and food in downtown Redmond.

Cole Street Brewing opened in Enumclaw a couple months ago. It’s a brewery with a tasting room and a great view of Mount Rainier.

Lantern Brewing is not new, but it’s new location in North Seattle now offer a tasting room.

2nd Chance Brewing opened in April, right across the street from Stoup Brewing in Ballard, but they do not offer a tasting room yet.

Top Rung Brewing opened in Lacey back in April. Read our report.

Drop Anchor Brewing.

We talked about Cathlamet’s Drop Anchor Brewery in a recent post: a brewery and tasting room overlooking the Columbia River.

We also talked about North Jetty Brewing in a recent post: a brewery and tasting room in Seaview, on the Long Beach Penninsula.

Perry Street Brewing is new on the Spokane beer scene and completely knocked our socks off, as we reported about a month ago.

I likely missed some recent openings, but that should keep you busy for a while. There are other breweries about which I cannot find any information, or that I know are still in various stages of realization.

Other breweries (or would-be breweries) currently on my radar include:
Brew Bakers in Lake Stevens
Flying Lion Brewing in Seattle
GSP Crarft Brewing in Gig Harbor
Hanson Brothers Brewing in Newman Lake
Hoh River Brewing in Olympia
Over the Cliff Brewing in Spokane
Paper Street Brewing in Pasco
Sayulita Brewing in Seattle
Terminal Degree Brewing in Vancouver


  1. Thanks for trying to keep the updates – 2 trips in last week and missed new breweries I didn’t know about. And Paper Street is in Kennewick – 308 W Kennewick Ave.

  2. Great article and list! Add this one:

    238 Brewing
    10321 E Day Mt Spokane Rd
    Green Bluff

    This brewery will be opening very soon, not too far from Big Barn Brewing.

  3. Hi Kendell,
    This is Pat, Head Brewer at the soon to be open Three Magnets Brewing Co. in Olympia WA. We are a 15bbl brewery and restaurant in downtown Oly. Our MDMW brewhouse is arriving on the 23rd of June and we are set to have our first brew day on the big system the second week of July. In the mean time we will do a brew with our friends at Kastellan Brauerei, a wonderful nano out of Lacey, to pour at the Olympia Brewers Fest.
    Take Care,

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