More super-fussy beer technology from PicoBrew

Today I am breaking my own rule.  It’s nothing personal, but we receive a lot of email requests asking us to post stories about beer-themed Kickstarter programs. We don’t do that. I know your new beer-related product or brewery is the coolest thing ever, but so is the one we heard about yesterday. (Seriously, you’d be amazed how many Kickstarter campaigns we hear about.) We don’t have time to do the research and decide which are worthy of our endorsement, and I’m not sure we should be doing that anyway. So we don’t.

That said, I am going to break my own rule and tell you about a new product that is perhaps the most super-fussy beer gadget ever: KegSmarts, the world’s smartest kegerator. This is the latest high-tech beer gadget from the people at PicoBrew, the company that created the world’s first automatic all-grain homebrewing appliance. We thought it was so cool that we posted a story about the PicoBrew Zymatic back when it was first introduced in 2013 (read it).

The KegSmarts is pretty cool on its own, and even works with your existing kegerator, but it also works with the PicoBrew Zymatic appliance. Instead of explaining it, I’ll just share the video. This is not an endorsement of the Kickstarter campaign. I am just sharing this because I think it is, perhaps, the most super-fussy beer gadget I’ve ever seen. And I mean that in the best possible way. Why, the KegSmarts can even tell you how many pints are left in your keg of Pumpkin-Peach Super Fussy Ale, not to mention the hop bill, the grain bill, the original gravity, the final gravity, and any other super-fussy details that are available for the beer.


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