More updates about getting you the beer you love


We’ve continued to update our listings of breweries and other beer-focused retailers currently working to get you the beer you love during these crazy times. Entirely new additions, new hours of operation for existing listings, new options like delivery, and so on. And hey, if you don’t yet fully understand what strange times these are, Mack and Jack’s African Amber in cans. Cans? Cans. (photo from Facebook.)

We have thus far updated our big list (Beer Options From Breweries & Businesses) more than 250 times since we first published it. That list now includes over 200 breweries and other businesses. Our smaller list, which includes those breweries and businesses that are offering delivery service, has also grown and seen a lot of updates.

Man, I have to tell you, it’s been some kind of task keeping up with all of this madness as the local brewing industry hustles and scrambles like Russell Wilson behind a semi-pro offensive line, but it’s a labor of love. Please forgive me if I missed something of note. You can always email and let me know where I’ve screwed up.

See our big list here. See our delivery list here. Lots of changes and updates not mentioned here.

Some recent, notable additions from the last couple days:

Fremont Brewing is now delivering beer. The delivery zone stretches from Mercer Way up north to Northgate Way, from Lake Washington west to Magnolia. Of course, you can still pick up beer at the Urban Beer Garden in Fremont, if that works better for you. For more details about the delivery zone, and to place an order, visit


Reuben’s Brews is now shipping beer to the entire state. Not exactly delivery service, but shipping service. You can find out more and place your order here:

In West Seattle, The Beer Junction has re-opened after shutting down for a bit to assess the situation. They’re open Tuesday-Friday 4pm – 7pm, Saturday 2pm – 7pm (Closed on Sunday and Monday). Enter the store from the front (California Ave) and exit through the back (to the alley/parking lot). We will be limiting shopping to six customers at a time. Keep an eye on Facebook for further info

Cloudburst Brewing is now selling canned beer. SInce its inception, the plan at this brewery was to focus on draft beer only. Alas, we now live in a “never say never” kind of world.  Current canned beer inventory should last a couple weeks at least. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for updates. They’re open at the brewery for take-away orders daily.

Mac and Jack’s Brewery is now canning it’s most recognizable beer, the long-ubiquitous African Amber. Again, this is a never-say-never world. Apparently, it is selling very well. Not just at the brewery but at retailers across the state.