Move over Silver City, a new brew pub is coming to Silverdale

For a long time Silver City Restaurant and Brewery has been the lone beacon of craft beer hope in the greater Bremerton/Silverdale metroplex. That is about to change. We have just learned that Mike Hale, president of Hale’s Ales Brewery, will open a restaurant and pub in Silverdale. In fact, it will be just across the parking lot from Silver City.

At the same time, Silver City is planning to move its brewery operations to an undisclosed location in Bremerton. For Silver City, the move allows them to increase seating capacity, expand the bar, and enlarge the waiting area. The remodeled Silver City Restaurant, minus the brewery, is expected to seat 260 guests. Although the brewery will be across town, the restaurant and pub will still showcase Silver City’s award winning beers.

Across the parking lot at the Kitsap Mall, Mike Hale has secured 8,000 square feet of space where he will open a restaurant and pub. There will not be a brewery on site – the beer will come from the Hale’s brewery in Seattle. The new digs will feature a fireplace and couches to create an old time pub feel. With a seating capacity of 220, it’s no small venture.

According to the Kitsap Sun, Silver City co-owner Scott Houmes welcomes Hales to the neighborhood. “We welcome others to help move the craft beer movement here in Kitsap County,” he told the Kitsap Sun.

Mike Hale, a resident of Suquamish, shares that sentiment. Hale told the Kitsap Sun, “I thought there would be synergy between the two places.”

Hale also recognizes the opportunity that Kitsap County presents. “The economy of Kitsap County is very stable and solid.”

No word yet about when to expect Hale’s to open at Kitsap Mall, but we will certainly keep you posted.

Read the report in the Kitsap Sun.

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