Movember is all about the stash and the beer


Every year in November, men around the globe show their solidarity by growing mustaches. During Movember, men grow mustaches and organize events to raise funds and awareness of men’s health issues, like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. Many of these events and fundraisers involve beer. Learn more on the Movember Foundation’s website.

One local participant and organizer reached out to me and asked that I share some information about his efforts. Here’s what Travis Harth has planned around the Seattle area. Some easy, beer-fueled ways for you to support this worthy cause. If you know of other beery Movember events, please use the comments section below to share.

“I’m a local beer lover and active participant in raising money for the Movember Foundation,” said Travis. “I’ve managed to spend the last few years combining these two. You can find my Movember profile here.”

“I’ve got two main promotions going this month related to beer and raising money for the Movember Foundation, which focuses on research, education and outreach for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and general health. In the six years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve helped raise over $172,000 with over $13,000 of that being beer-related.”

The first promotion involves Flatstick Pub. Every Sunday all month, they will donate a portion of their sales at all three location to the Movember Foundation via Travis’ team. Each weekend, Flatstick Pub will feature a different local brewery.

Sunday, November 4 – Stoup Brewing
Sunday, November 11 – Rooftop Brewing
Sunday, November 18 – Counterbalance Brewing
Sunday, November 25 – Ghostfish Brewing

Another promotion that Travis organized, he has introduced mustache-shaped flight boards (pictured above), available at local breweries. Each brewery will donate $2 per board for every flight board sold during November.

Participating breweries include:

Triplehorn Brewing
Figurehead Brewing
Stoup Brewing
Ghostfish Brewing
Rooftop Brew Co.
Half Lion Brewing
PostDoc Brewing
Seattle Beer Co.
Mollusk Brewing
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
Peddler Brewing
Black Raven Brewing
Bad Jimmy’s Brewing (also donating $2 22-oz bottle sold during the month)

If you know of other Movember happenings, please use the comments section below to share information.