Naked City Announces Grand Opening of its New Beer Garden

Just in time for summer! Naked City Brewery & Taphouse announces the grand opening of its new beer garden with a pair of special events next weekend (Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22). The press release, with more details, is below.

The vacant lot/parking lot next door to Naked City Brewery & Taphouse was once the home of the legendary Walrus Tavern, a renowned blues and rock bar back in the 1970s that hosted national and local artists. Big names. Apparently, lots of them. John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Country Joe and the Fish, and Larry Coryell are among the legends who graced the stage at the Walrus. When Naked City decided to convert the parking lot to an outdoor drinking space, naming it the Walrus Beer Garden seemed appropriate. To further honor the location’s illustrious past, Naked City tapped into the talents of local artist Ryan Henry Ward (aka Henry) to paint a walrus-inspired mural.

It’s sad really, the way we just toss aside history. It’s one of the less-agreeable attributes of Seattle’s new world attitude. A floating bridge sinks, a Kingdome implodes, a nightclub burns. And once they are gone, they are soon forgotten. Searching online, it is hard to find much information about the Walrus Tavern. It was a hotspot for live music, especially the blues, throughout the 70s and into the 80s, when it burned to the ground. A Google search doesn’t even uncover enough detail to pinpoint the date of the Walrus’ demise.

(All photos shamelessly lifted from the Naked City Facebook page)

So cheers to Naked City, not only for opening a new beer garden, but also for giving a nod to the past. We look forward to spending many hours haunting the new beer garden.

Here is the press release from Naked City Brewery & Taphouse:

Seattle, WA – Naked City Brewery is thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of the Walrus Beer Garden at its Greenwood Avenue location in north Seattle on June 21st and 22nd. Featuring two large murals by local artists, the new beer garden is built on the site of the ruckus, legendary Walrus blues tavern of the 1970s that featured music icons such as John Lee Hooker, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Country Joe and the Fish, and local favorite Gabriel before it burned down nearly three decades ago.

All ages are welcome for the opening night party on Friday, June 21—the longest day of the year—featuring live jazz and the unofficial game of brewers, Washers. The celebration continues at 11:30am on Saturday with an all-you-can-eat crawfish boil ($25 a person), more live music, games, and of course the great craft beer selection Naked City patrons have grown to love.

With a new mural from Ryan Henry Ward as its south wall and a recycled mural previously hosted by Taproot Theater as its west fence, Naked City’s beer garden is a living tribute to the resilient spirit of the Greenwood neighborhood. Ward’s mural depicts two giant walruses celebrating a hard day’s work while the other mural, by BHerd Studios and Seattle Mural Art, features a phoenix rising from the ashes of Greenwood’s many historic fires.

Naked City’s delicious full menu will be available along with table service at each of half-a-dozen large picnic tables. The Walrus beer garden does not allow dogs. All ages are welcome, and local root beer is served on draft along with about a dozen house-crafted beers, a dozen guest craft beers, four rotating ciders, and three draft wines.


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  1. I would really love to visit. However, the comment about “no dogs allowed” is somewhat sad… It appears to me that nice friendly dogs would enhance the feeling and excitement of the beer garden. Dogs and people go together. Think about being different. Nice people with dogs would sell out $$ in this little piece of history!

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