Naked City's Expansion – Good News for Beer Drinkers

Naked City Brewery deserves its reputation as one of Washington’s most creative and daring breweries. Brewmaster Don Webb began brewing inspired beers in 2009 at the Greenwood location. Enjoying Webb ‘s creations usually required a trip to the Naked City Brewery and Taphouse. Not that a visit to Naked City is in any way a bad thing, but that has now changed. Expect to see Naked City beers showing up at local pubs and maybe even at backyard barbecue parties. This is good news for the beer drinking public.

Back in June, Naked City Brewery and Taphouse installed four new ten-barrel fermenters and two new 16-barrel bright tanks. The new fermenters replace the old three-barrel fermenters. The expanded brewing capacity promised to help the brewery keep more beer flowing at its taphouse and also get more beer out into the market.

Mission accomplished. Today we received word from Naked City that they have kegs available to sell to other pubs around town and even to the public. Here’s what we learned this morning from Fedora Man, via the Naked Eye – the official email newsletter.

For the first time in our history, Naked City is brewing enough beer in the little back room at 8564 Greenwood Avenue North to sell kegs outside the pub. Over the next few months you’ll start seeing a few Naked City tap handles popping up at friendly brewpubs around Seattle, Greater Puget Sound, and beyond. Our new shiny Premier Stainless fermenter tanks are filled to the brim with some delicious ales, and Head Brewer Don has the pub up to six Naked City taps again. Who knows, in the future we may have even more! If you need a Cornelius keg filled for your home kegerator, or want a sixth- or half- barrel of Betsy’s Mountain Amber (or any other NC mainstay) for your late summer BBQ.

Give the brewery a call or stop by and talk to them about it.

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse
8564 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 838-6299
Naked City's shiny new fermenters.