Narrows Brewing Welcomes Industry Expert, Dan Turner

By Margo (Greenman) Jorgenson*

Having served in the industry for over 30 years, Tacoma native and local, Dan Turner, has worked as a distributor, brand manager, and sales manager for big name domestic companies such as Anheuser-Busch, promoting and distributing brands and landing large scale placement in airports, stadiums, and more. Over the years, Turner has watched a trending explosion of craft breweries cultivate in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, growing a community of craft beer enthusiasts. Excited by this cultural, community-driven industry, and eager for a new challenge, Turner joined Narrows Brewing Company on Tuesday, Aug. 27, as their General Manager and overseer of distribution.

Turner is excited to help grow Narrows Brewing Company by applying his industry knowledge and experience towards this up and coming fixture to Washington’s craft brewing scene. As craft breweries continue to gain momentum and popularity, Turner explains that consumers are becoming less interested in larger, domestic brands and says, “You even see industry leaders trying to enter this growing market by producing labels like Shock Top and Blue Moon. The difference is that they just can’t duplicate the homegrown feel you get from a craft beer.”

Since launching retail and wholesale distribution earlier this summer, Narrows Brewing has been featured at several Tacoma bars and restaurants, where their brews have been enjoyed and celebrated by local patrons. But this is just a start. As General Manager and overseer of distribution, Turner plans to do what he does best: placing Narrows Brewing in establishments across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, introducing craft beer lovers to this new craft industry brand.

Narrows Brewing part-owner, Scott Wagner, is happy to welcome Turner as Narrows Brewing Company’s General Manager and says, “I’m excited to have someone with as much talent and experience as Dan on-board to help take Narrows Brewing to the next level.” However, this not the first time Wagner and Turner have crossed paths. Growing up in Tacoma in the 1960s, Wagner and Turner were childhood playmates, living just one block away from each other. Over 40 years later, now as established professionals in their fields, they have teamed up again, except this time it’s not hopscotch, it’s just hops.

Ready to embark upon the next phase of his career, Turner, a Wilson High School and University of Puget Sound graduate, is excited to be working with a craft brewery local to the community that he knows and loves.

*Margo (Greenman) Jorgenson is a freelance writer and appears on the Washington Beer Blog as a guest contributor. She can be reached at  [email protected] For the sake of disclosure, Margo’s family is part of the ownership group at Narrows Brewing.