National IPA Championship – 1st round match-ups

The Brewing News has just released the brackets. The competition is set. Now is the time to go make your picks and see the complete lineup on the NIPAC website. The first round takes place on February 13th in Buffalo, NY.

Below, you can see how the competition has stacked up for our Washington representatives (in bold). We have some seriously strong contenders in the fight this year. A couple of notable match-ups in the first round, Fremont Interurban IPA will face off agains Stone IPA, and Boundary Bay IPA will face off against Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale.

Which Washington IPA do you think will make it the furthest in this year’s NIPAC?

1st Round Match-ups

Idiot Sauvin Elysian Brewing Co.
IPA Six Rivers Brewery

3-Grid IPA Schooner Exact Brewing Co.
SweetWater IPA SweetWater Brewing Co

Good Karma IPA Mad Anthony Brewing Company
Wildcat IPA Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.

High Seas India Pale Ale Michigan Brewing
Trickster IPA Black Raven Brewing Company

Hop Harvest Ale Big Dog’s Brewing Co.
Hop Bomb IPA Rock Bottom Brewery- Bellevue

The Kind India Pale Ale Three Heads Brewing
Hoptrocity Naked City Brewery & Taphouse

Marin IPA Marin Brewing Company
Hoppy Bitch IPA Trade Route Brewing

Oasis Tallgrass Brewing Company
Pike IPA Pike Brewing Co

Super Fly Oaken Barrel Brewing Company
Hop Duster IPA Flyers Restaurant and Brewery

Bitter Woman IPA Tyranena Brewing Company
Zombie Killer Snipes Mountain

Dale’s Pale Ale Oskar Blues Brewery
Boundary Bay IPA Boundary Bay Brewery

BBay Cascadia Dark Boundary Bay Brewing Co.
Pumphouse Summit IPA 2011 Pumphouse Brewery

Avery India Pale Ale Avery Brewing Company
Ice Harbor IPA Ice Harbor Brewing Co.

Lazy Boy IPA Lazy Boy Brewing Co.
Commodore Perry India Pale Ale Great Lakes Brewing

Diamond Knot IPA Diamond Knot Brewing Co.
White Rajah The Brew Kettle Production Works

Afterburner IPA Flyers Restaurant and Brewery
Pompous Ass Orlando Brewing

Hoppin’ To Heaven IPA Hoppin’ Frog Brewing Company
Supergoose IPA Hale’s Ales

Interurban IPA Fremont Brewing Company
Stone IPA Stone Brewing Co.

Commencement Bay I.P.A. Harmon Brewing Co
Happy Hour Premium Ale Hop City Brewing Company

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  1. Interesting. I didn’t consider Elysians Idiot Sauvin to be an IPA. I’ll have to try it again. Reminded me more of an Imperial or Double Pale Ale. Tough pairing for Fremont. Stone’s IPA’s is a damn fine brew.

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