National IPA Championship round one results

Washington IPAs stand strong in the opening round

Half of Washington’s entrants into the National IPA Championship (NIPAC) have advanced to the second round. (read about NIPAC.) While seven Washington beers advance, seven go home. It’s not as bad as it sounds when you consider that two of the first round matchups featured Washington beers pitted against each other. Advancing seven beers to the second round is no small feat.

Advancing to the next round:

Supergoose IPA – Hale’s Ales
Stolen Fire/Prometheus – Elysian Brewing
Pike IPA – Pike Brewing
Diamond Knot IPA – Diamond Knot Brewing
Hop Diggedy IPA – Port Townsend Brewing
Interurban India Pale Ale – Fremont Brewing
Trickster IPA – Black Raven Brewing

Headed for the showers:

Boundary Bay IPA – Boundary Bay Brewing
Breakaway IPA – Baron Brewing (lost to Elysian)
Long Hammer – Redhook Ales
Lazy Boy IPA – Lazy Boy Brewing (lost to Port Townsend)
The Immortal IPA – Elysian Brewing
Big Red IPA – Ram
Wildcat IPA – Snoqualmie Falls Brewing

While many of the out-of-state beers involved in NIPAC are a mystery to the typical Washington beer drinker, others are not. For example, Pike IPA faces California’s Stone IPA in the second round. You can see the complete results from round one, and see the match-ups for round two, by going to the NIPAC Web site.

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