NCAA Championships game puts beer on the line – No-Li Brewhouse vs Carolina Brewery


Understandably, the folks over at No-Li Brewhouse in Spokane, Washington are excited about the big NCAA championship matchup between Gonzaga University and the University of North Carolina. No-Li Brewhouse is located within a stone’s throw of the Gonzaga campus. No doubt the scene at the brewpub will be crazy tonight.

Across the country in Chapel Hill, North Carolina they are also excited for the game, though playing for a national championship must feel like business as usual for the Tar Heels at this point. Still, Carolina Brewery was willing to make a wager on the game’s outcome. Like No-Li Brewhouse, Carolina Brewery is located right next to the campus.

Regardless of the final score of tonight’s game, No-Li Brewhouse and Carolina Brewery have agreed to produce a collaboration beer. If the Zags win, the folks from Carolina will travel to Spokane to brew the beer. If the Tar Heels win, the folks from No-Li will travel across the country to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to brew the beer.

No word on the style of beer or its availability in each brewery’s respective markets, but…. Go Zags!


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