New beer from American Brewing in the Comicon series

Here is a new beer announcement from American Brewing Company.


On Friday, November 7th, American Brewing Company is releasing COURAGE American Wheat Ale the second specialty beer in our “Comicon Series”.

Our first release was in 2013 for that year’s Emerald City Comicon Convention and was our Flying Monkey Pale Ale.  Originally brewed for a limited, one time release, the Flying Monkey Pale Ale has gone on to become a year round offering on draft, 22 oz bottles and most recently in 12 oz cans.

This year’s release will be in conjunction with the Jet City Comic Show which runs Saturday, November 8th in Tacoma at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center.

Brewing a signature beer for these events has been a fun challenge for our brewers, and we are hoping that Courage will be as wildly popular as the Flying Monkey turned out to be.

Courage is an American Style Wheat Ale that has a combination of citrusy hops, an infusion of orange peel and a subtle sweetness from the wheat.  ABV is 5% and IBU is 15.


Not only did we brew special beers for these events, we had some pretty cool artwork created to go along with them.  The Flying Monkey started it all and was a nod to the Wizard of Oz as a tie-in to the Emerald City name of Seattle and the Emerald City Comicon Convention.  With Courage, we continued the theme of Wizard of Oz characters as well as fighter pilots from an earlier era all in an exaggerated comic book style of artwork.  The artwork for Flying Monkey came from James Klauser of Bullseye Creative  (and ABC mug club member), and the artwork for Courage came from Shane White, a local comic artist.

Like it’s predecessor, Courage has been brewed for a limited release.  We have focused on draft and 22 oz bottles for packaging.  The majority of draft will be served at local establishments around the Tacoma Convention Center and craft beer centric bars and restaurants in Tacoma.

On Draft at:  The Office Bar & Grill, Peterson’s 1111, The Valley Pub, Pacific Grill, Chalet Bowl, The Palace, Mediterranean Grill.   Also in line to serve are:  Meconi’s,  Dorky’s, Acme Tavern, New Frontier and The Mix (all Tacoma locations).

Bottle Shops in Pierce, King, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties will be getting deliveries this week of the 22 oz bottles as well.

In our tasting room, we will be releasing Courage on Tuesday, November 11th – on tap at 3 pm.  We were able to secure a few kegs for the tasting room, so we should have plenty for a few weeks (we hope)!

We also want to give a shout out to Brian Meredith, owner of Micro Brew Comics (and ABC Founder’s Mug Member) for giving us the opportunity to partner with him in this unique way!

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