New Beer Release from Icicle Brewing: Strictly Business Darker-than-Pale

Press release:

Icicle Brewing Company presents its newest Limited Release beer:

Strictly Business Darker-than-Pale Ale

Icicle Brewing Company is proud to offer up its newest Limited Release, Strictly Business. This beer was crafted by Troy Chadd (an IBC brewer) and his father Keith Chadd in the basement of their Leavenworth home and made it’s way into the brew tanks this past December. The unique flavor of using dark roasted malts in a pale ale struck a cord with Head Brewer Dean Priebe who quickly scheduled it as our next winter limited release. Strictly Business can only be found at Icicle Brewing Company’s tasting room and at Munchen Haus in Leavenworth, and is available only while supplies last.

Strictly Business Darker than Pale Ale

“Mixing Business & Pleasure”

Looking past the Dr. Dre t-shirt and Van Halen poster, you’ll see our brewers are all business. Like their musical tastes, they’ve found a healthy dose of balance in our newest creation. With the father/son duo of Troy and Keith Chadd at the helm, we’ve crafted a Strong Pale Ale with less focus on hops and more attention to dark roasted grains. While it AIN’T NOTHIN BUT A BREW THANG to them, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with their efforts!

ABV: 7.5%    IBU: 36       OG: 17.1⁰P        FG: 3.1⁰P

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