New beer release news from Wingman Brewers


New Release Info From Wingman Brewers: “The first one is a special release of SIPA GOODING Jr. This is the hazy little brother of DIPA GOOD. Both are delicious IPAs, but now is the time for SIPA GOODING Jr. to shine as it’s 5.5% abv is very refreshing in this recently warm weather. It’s juicy and hazy as all get out and is brewed with Citra, Denali and Ekuanot hops.”

“Our other new release is Parachute Pilsner. This is a beer that will be added to our year round draft and 6 pack 12oz can line up. It’s 4.5% abv and brewed in the style of a Bavarian Pilsner. We are releasing it into the wild this week in a labeled can although screen printed cans are on their way albeit slightly delayed by the huge amount of growth and demand for craft beer cans. We couldn’t wait to get this beer out to the public to try so these labeled cans will serve as the BETA test for a beer we think people are really going to love.”