New Beer Release – Pina Kolada IPA, from Watts Brewing


While everything about this beer sounds perfectly lovely, there’s one problem. Thanks to this news, I’ve got that Yacht Rock anthem, The Pina Kolada Song, stuck in my head. Here is a release announcement from Watts Brewing, introducing its new Pina Kolada IPA.

From the brewery:

With everything going on, we needed something a little lighthearted.  There will be plenty of time to debate the relative merits of crystal and biscuit hops, or fine tune the amount of free amino nitrogen in the Leafcutter, but right now let’s just do something fun.  And by fun I mean hoppy.  To that end, allow me to introduce Piña Kölada IPA!



Sabro and Sultana join forces with our Kölsch yeast, to pull together a smooth, tropical take on IPA.  Sabro is known for having a unique coconut flavor, and the Sultana hops (previously Denali) when paired with the Kölsch yeast seem to magically turn into pineapple juice.  You can read the full write up on our website here.

Kegs are being delivered this week to the following places; keep an eye on their tap lists to see when the IPA will be pouring:

The Hop and Hound (Bothell)
A1 Hopshop (Broadview)
Toggle’s Bottleshop (Everett)
Chuck’s Hopshop (Greenwood)

This beer will be available draft only for the moment, but you can still find cans of The Leafcutter on our website.  We’ll be delivering cans tomorrow, so if you want some get your order in tonight!



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