New bottleshop (and bar) opening in Lynnwood

A new beer business is on the verge of opening in Lynnwood. Special Brews is (will be) a bottle shop and bar in North Lynnwood with over 800 beers on the shelf and six beers on tap, as well as cider, mead and wine. The bottleshop part of the business is complete and opens this Friday, April 29th at 11:00 a.m. The first 100 paying customers will receive a Special Brews pint glass to commemorate the occasion.

Shop owner, Annie Han, explains that Friday’s opening is basically a soft opening. They are still working on the other half of the shop: the bar with beer on tap. The bar promises to afford customers the opportunity to enjoy a pint while shopping, fill growlers to go, or just hang out and enjoy a beer. Beyond the bottleshop opening this Friday, Special Brews plans to throw a grand opening party once the bar side of the shop is completed. When they announce the date, read about it here on the blog.

The shop is located in Lynnwood at the Picnic Point Plaza—on Highway 99 very near the intersection with Highway 525 and the Mukilteo Speedway. Find the complete address below. They don’t have a sign yet, so look for Special Brews adjacent to the HDTV outlet.

Different Kind of License

From a licensing standpoint, Special Brews is akin to places like Bottleworks and Beer Authority. That is, the license allows them to sell and also serve beer. Shops like The Beer Junction (Washington Beer Blog sponsor) and 99 Bottles (Washington Beer Blog sponsor) hold licenses that allow them to sell but not serve. A bill currently sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting final signature. Once enacted into law, the bill will allow places like The Beer Junction and 99 Bottles to start filling growlers, but you won’t be able to sip a pint as you shop. Like I said, it’s a different kind of license.

Special Brews
14608 Washington 99 – Suite 307
Lynnwood, WA 98087

On the web: http://special-brews.com/
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpecialBrews
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpecialBrewsWA


  1. I am SO excited for Special Brews to open this Friday! A bottle shop with good quality beer and relaxed place to enjoy them all is just what this community needs. I can’t wait for the official grand opening to see what options they will have on tap. Hooray Special Brews!

  2. I stopped by there this morning. They had a pretty good selection for just opening, the owner is very friendly and very interested in stocking what people want. The dog is friendly too, but mightfollow you out the door to use the doggie facilities :-). I am looking forward to seeing their more complete stock and what they have on tap when that section is open. It’s great to have a bottle shop nearby. Good luck Special Brews!

  3. They advertise that if you drink all 99 beers you will get a Mug. I was 40 beers in when they told me even if I finish the 99 they wouldn’t let me in the Mug club because someone in the club didn’t like me. I never had any problems with anyone there as far as I know. I wish they were honest about their Mug club in the first place before I wasted all my money there.

    I Guess this place isn’t friendly to Disabled Veterans. If you are a Vet go somewhere else.

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