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Last week I told you about The Good Society Brewery and Public House, opening soon in West Seattle (read that story). Well, here is some more news about recently opened and opening-soon breweries around Washington. Did I miss something? Contact me.

Meet the Bickersons

In Renton, Bickersons Brew House opened on November 9th. Located in the Renton Highlands, the neighborhood and business district up the hill to the east of downtown Renton, this is a kid- and dog-friendly brewery and taproom that invites you to bring in food with you.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook. That’s Frank on the right, commissioning the brewhouse with a rep from Craft Kettle Brewing Equipment.

The co-owners, Shaunn and Frank (AKA The Bickersons), began contemplating a brewery plan a few years ago. One night after dinner they drove past an available spot in their neighborhood and decided to advance the plan. The rest is history. Bickersons Brewhouse opens daily at 4:00, Noon on the weekends. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 4710 NE 4th St #C105, Renton, WA 98059.

Hidden Mother is Hidden No More

The Hidden Mother Brewing is now open in Spokane. You might be familiar with the beer already, they’ve been brewing for nearly two years, but the much-anticipated taproom opened about a month ago at 1303 N Washington St Suite B, Spokane, WA 99201.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Since it first started serving beer in March of 2018, The Hidden Mother has captured the imagination of beer drinkers and earned accolades from beer competitions like the Washington Beer Awards. When they showed up at the Washington Brewers Festival as a yet-unknown brewery, they garnered a lot of attention from beer nerds like me who were amply impressed with their uncommon approach and their surprisingly well-developed beers. They were one of the top token-getting breweries at the festival that year. Talk about hitting the ground running? There ya go.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Geoffrey Barker and Andrew Pogue have been teasing Seattle area beer lovers for quite some time now. Their brewery, Fair Isle Brewing, has thus far existed in “enigmatic anonymity,” as I said in our first blog post about the brewery, dated September 18, 2018. We posted an update to the story in November of 2018. Since then, we have waited patiently, but now it seems Fair Isle Brewing is inching closer to an opening date. The brewery and taproom will be located in the heart of the Ballard Brewery District at 936 NW 49th St, Seattle, WA 98107. You’ll keep an eye on their Facebook page if you know what’s good for ya.

Andrew Pogue and Geoffrey Barker. Picture from Facebook.
Andrew Pogue and Geoffrey Barker. Picture from Facebook.

Fair Isle is an uncommon sort of brewery. The main focus is on mixed-culture and wild-fermented beers. They’ve been brewing for a while, but the beers are available for club members only, for lack of a better way to put it. We explain all that, and a lot more, in the two posts linked above. Beer lovers in the Seattle area have been waiting for this one with bated breath and much anticipation.

Lumber + Beard = Brewery

Lumberbeard Brewing (pictured at top of this post from Facebook) opened its brewery and taproom last week in Spokane. The head brewer and president at Lumberbeard Brewing, Bret Gordon, has a degree in finance from the University of Colorado, but more importantly, he has a Professional Brewing Certificate from the University of San Diego.


Lumberbeard has been Bret’s personal social media handle for years; it seemed a natural fit for the brewery’s name. The Southern California native had a sister living in the Spokane area and recognized it as a great place to open his brewery. Located just off of Division Street, not far from downtown, Lumberbeard Brewing covers about 14,000 square feet: 10,000 square feet of production space and 4,000 square feet of taproom space.

They don’t serve food but you are welcome to bring it, and your kids, with you. Located at 25 E. 3rd Ave. Spokane, WA 99202, the tasting room is currently open Wednesday thru Monday (closed on Tuesdays).

Drafting a Good Beer Team

Don't be fooled. It's a rendering, not a photo. From Facebook.
Don’t be fooled. It’s a rendering, not a photo. From Facebook.

Brick West Brewing is staged to open in Spokane before the end of the months (fingers crossed). The 15-barrel brewery, the taproom, and the beer garden are located in the revitalized West End neighborhood. It is within easy walking distance of some other downtown breweries, like Iron Goat Brewing, Whistle Punk Brewing, and Young Buck Brewing.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Along with some service industry veterans, Brick West Brewing’s owner, Joel Tampien, drafted a serious brewery pro when putting together his brewery team. Like so many other pros, Sam Milne started as a homebrewer. After spending some time at Pyramid Brewing in Seattle, he moved to Bellingham where he worked as a brewhouse grunt for Kulshan Brewing, cleaning kegs and doing the dirty work. After five years he’d worked his way up to head brewer. Sam earned a coveted brewing scholarship from the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, which he parlayed into a degree from the World Brewing Academy with an International Diploma in Brewing Technology.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Though they are not yet open, they’ve already posted a beer menu on their website that represents a wide range of styles, including a small flock of IPAs. We will update this post to make sure you know when Brick West Brewing is open so you can visit them at 1312 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99201.

Some Sage Advice: Open a Brewery

Pasco, Washington is about to get a new brewery: Sage Brewing. The company brewed its first batch of beer on December 6th and plans to open its taproom in the coming weeks. You’ll need to keep an eye on the Sage Brewing Facebook page to find out the exact details.

Sage Brewing. Photo from Facebook/Instagram.
Sage Brewing. Photo from Facebook/Instagram.

Tyson Crudup and Ben Grogan met each other while working at Yakima Chief Hops and are now partners in a new brewery. They arrived at the partnership from opposite directions. Crudup started out as a homebrewer, owned and operated Walla Walla Brewing for a while, has experience in the wine industry, but eventually ended up in the hop industry. All valuable assets for the new project. Grogan worked as an engineer at Boeing before growing tired of the big city traffic and moving east where he went to work for Yakima Chief Hops in Yakima.

Once they get the doors open, you’ll find Sage Brewing Company at 8425 Chapel Hill Blvd B102, Pasco, WA 99301.

So, did I miss something? Know of a brewery opening that I do not? Contact me


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