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New breweries continue to spring eternal in Washington – 10 new brewery openings


A lot of folks are worried about brewery closures and market saturation. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know which brewery will be the next one to close, but I do know which brewery will not be the next one to close: the one that makes really good beer and continually captures the admiration and imagination of the beer-drinking public.

While the “sky is falling” crowd sits around shaking their fists at the heavens, waiting for the next bit of bad news, here are some of the breweries that opened recently in Washington. Will they all survive? Do they all make amazing beer? I do not know. No doubt, I’ve missed some. No doubt, we might have a different interpretation of the word “recently.” Some of these are really new, others are just new to me. What did I miss? Share what you know.

509 Bierwerks in Wenatchee – The latest addition to Wenatchee’s “Brewers Row.” Beer and food from the same folks who operate Fresh Burger Café in Leavenworth.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Bardic Brewing in Spokane Valley – Currently operating out of a residential location in Spokane Valley with very limited hours. Like, they’re open to the public for two hours a week on Thursdays. Working on opening a retail location. Sounds like they may already have a lease.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Brewgenix Brewing in Tacoma – A small-batch, production-only brewery. Residential location, back yard, shed, that’s about all I know.

Dubtown Brewing in Renton – Located in a new building in downtown Renton, Dubtown Brewing opened its brewery and family-friendly taproom last month.

Dubtown Brewing, from Facebook.
Dubtown Brewing, from Facebook.

Explorer Brewing in Kelso – Totally new to me. Got a random tip: “You guys should check out Explorer Brewing in Kelso.” Facebook and the internet didn’t reveal any information except that it does exist.

Precious Things Fermentation Project in Spokane – Well, “In Spokane” is probably inaccurate, exactly. It’s in a rural location outside of Spokane. Don’t know much beyond what I see on Instagram. I want to go there!

Photo from Instagram.
Precious Things Fermentation Project. Photo from Instagram.

Snapshot Brewing in Seattle – It’s a nano-brewery with a tasting room located near the corner of 80th and Greenwood. That’s about all I know.

Photo via Instagram.
Snapshot Brewing. Photo from Instagram.

Squirrel Fight Artisan Brewing in Moses Lake – We reported about them recently.

Stemma Brewing in Bellingham – The latest addition to the Bellingham brewing scene opened its taproom at the end of June. Conveniently located right between Kulshan Brewing’s two locations.

Photo from Instagram.
Stemma Brewing. Photo from Instagram.

Taneum Creek Brewing in Cle Ellum – Fantastic location just east of downtown on Hwy 970. Haven’t been there yet.


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  1. Precious Things are very active on Facebook and they are cranking out some great beers on a nano system. Jeff and Candice, who own the place, are wonderful people and beer geeks. Also they are more accurately in Spokane Valley, not Spokane.

  2. Taneum is great! It’s in the old Mule and Elk location, so if you go you can at least visit both as well as an easy drive to Dru-Brew.

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