New brewery coming soon to downtown Renton

Yesterday, a friend of mine who works in downtown Renton noticed a sign on the front of a building. The sign suggested that a new brewery was coming to town, so she snapped a picture and sent it to me, asking if I knew anything about Four Generals Brewing.

With that, I did some research and learned that Ross Hudspeth is the man behind Four Generals Brewing. Yesterday I learned a few things about the plan from the owner/brewer at Renton’s forthcoming Four Generals Brewing.

For a long time now, I’ve thought downtown Renton was a strange dark spots on our map of local breweries. Sure, there are breweries in Renton, like Strong Arm Brewing and Herbert B Friendly Brewing, but neither of those is in the heart of downtown and neither has a taproom with “regular” hours.

Ross Hudspeth agrees with me, “I agree Renton does need a brewery, and it has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. We are opening in the heart of old downtown in the original city hall location.”


“We will be serving your typical northwest styles with an emphasis on well-balanced beers instead of over-the-top IPAs and such. We will have an IPA, but the main focus will be on other styles such as Scottish Red, CDA and Pale Ale. I will, of course, do seasonal rotators as time allows. I do plan on also starting a sours and gose program in the near future.”

Ross explained that he’ll brew the beer with a 3-barrel, electric-fired brewhouse that will feed a set of four 10-barrel unitanks.

Aside –  A unitank, is a conical stainless steel tank, sometimes called a Cylindrical Conical Tank (CCT), that can be used as a fermentation tank, a conditioning/lagering tank, or even a brite tank. If you’ve poked around breweries much at all, you’ve likely seen unitanks before. Don’t say I never told you nothin’.

Ross says the atmosphere will be warm and cozy, with exposed original brick walls and original old-growth rafters. The Old City Hall Building was constructed in 1924. The bar and tables are all constructed from live edge wood slabs. They have cedar for the tables and maple/elm for the bar and rails. The brewery will also have a small covered patio out front.

They hope to be open by June. The tanks should be in place soon, the brewing equipment will arrive soon thereafter, and they hope to start brewing test batches by the end of the month. It sounds like the permits from the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau -aka “the feds”) are almost approved. Given that, Ross says that he thinks construction will probably be the deciding factor as to when they will open. It’s not uncommon for new brewery taprooms to get bogged down by county and municipal codes and inspections.

Find them on Facebook:

Four Generals Brewing
229 Wells Ave. S
Renton, WA 98057



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