Another new brewery gets added to the list: Paradise Creek Brewery

Last week we updated our list of Washington Breweries. Today we add one more: Paradise Creek Brewery in Pullman, WA. That means there are now a total of 131 licensed breweries in Washington.

Tom Handy, owner of Paradise Creek Brewery, tells us, “We have been licensed since late March and are within a couple of weeks of releasing our beers, although our restaurant is open.”

Paradise Creek Brewery is located in the historic Old Post Office, just one block off of Main Street in downtown Pullman. You can read more about the Old Post Office building (an interesting story, actually) and the brewery in general on their Web site. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Helllooo Paradise,
    Noted your site, a worthy endeavor as I am pursuing the dream.
    I have been working on restoring an 1870s church for the last three years and no way ready yet for brew pub business. SINCE BREW COMES BEFORE PUB , thought I would get started.Looking into the licensing to start. Could surely use some words of wisdom if not encouragement.
    Best Wishes
    Rick Chase
    LaCenter Washington