New Brewery & More Coming to The Pass

Someone is planning to open a brewery at Snoqualmie Pass. You probably think that is a rather strange location for a brewery, but the folks at DRU BRU know something you don’t.

Compared to many other mountain destinations, Snoqualmie Pass remains largely underdeveloped. In fact, compared to similar locations in British Columbia, Utah and Colorado, Snoqualmie Pass is entirely undeveloped. Sure, some might argue that the snow in those other locations is better, but Snoqualmie Pass is just an hour from one of the most vibrant cities in America and is easily accessible year-round via Interstate 90. Still, Snoqualmie Pass offers no village, no real community, and few amenities away from the ski lodges.

That is about to change. A group of developers is building a year-round community at Snoqualmie Pass that will include, among many other conveniences, a new brewery. There will be condos, a grocery store, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a brewery and more. The plan is to create a year-round vacation destination called The Pass Life. Heck, people may even live up there and commute to work in the Seattle area. The Pass Life will include 50 to 100 condos and lofts set to start at $327,000.

If you are wondering why you are reading about all of this for the first time, the official announcement is still forthcoming. I must admit, the Washington Beer Blog stumbled across all of this information quite by accident. And once we did, we started digging and asking questions.

“DRU BRU is very excited to announce our plans for a brewery at the Pass Life development,” said Dru Ernst, one of the brewery’s founders. “We are in the planning stages and are working through the details with the developers so I don’t have a lot of specifics. “

“What I can say is that our beers will be rooted in German and Belgian styles and be comprised of the amazing Northwest ingredients we have at our disposal. We are working on the design of a custom brew house and taproom which we hope will be ready for the 2013/2014 winter season. We are also in discussions with the restaurant (which will be housed in the same building) to develop a partnership for food service in the Taproom.”

I am guessing this will be a very busy summer for Dru and his partners.

From the The Pass Life website:

“We love the vibrant communities that have always existed at The Pass. Our hope is to be the catalyst, bringing people together. There are already hundreds of homes and residents, millions of people driving over and stopping for a break, plus the hundreds of thousands of skiers, snowboarders, hikers, swimmers and bikers who frequent the area from all over the state and beyond.

“But what’s been missing is a social space to come to together to enjoy a great meal, meet up for a special event, shop for quality groceries or just quickly escape the city and relax for a night. Vibrant communities already exist at The Pass and are alive and well. The Pass Life is about convening before a trek into the mountains, relaxing after a day on the hill and connecting over coffee to make plans for a neighborhood function.”

We will follow the progress of DRU BRU and Pass Life in the coming months. Given the short construction season at the pass, we expect things to move quickly.

Here is a video from The Pass Life website.

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