New Brewery Opening in Renton

Renton, WA is about to get a brewery. Strong Arm Brewing hopes to be open in April or May. I just received a status update from the brewery and I want to share it with you. The brewery will operate a two-barrel brewery out of a detached building at a private residence near the Fairwood Shopping Center, which is in southeast Renton (not downtown). The plan calls to have open hours for tasting, pints, growler fills, etc.

The short version, Strong Arm Brewing has cleared the legal hurdles (Federal and State licensing) and now awaits deliver of its brewing system. Here is the story straight from Strong Arm.

The message from the brewery:

We are Strong Arm Brewing. There are three partners Robert (Brewmaster), Cincinati (sp?)(Sales and Marketing) and Mack (Operations). We have been friends for many years and brewing together for over 5 years and ready to make our passion public.

We are finished with our TTB and WSLCB applications and as of 1/2/13 we are an official licensed brewery in the State of WA, exciting for us!

We have ordered our commercial brewing system and equipment and it is currently being manufactured for us, 2bbl brew system and 4bbl fermenters and bright tanks, along with kegs and other misc equipment needed to get going. We have a fermentation room and a walk-in cooler on site with a large outdoor “tasting” area.

Our planned launch is in April/May and we will have two parties to introduce our beer to the public at some great beer centered pubs in Renton and also in Seattle with live music an at least 4 beers on tap.

Our brewery is located in Renton in a large detached building at my residence, however we will have “open hours” for beer tasting, tap pint sales, growler fills and keg sales.

Our signature beer is Torque IPA and it is an amazing west coast honoring style beer. We also have Magnus Oatmeal Chocolate Stout and Ivy League Blonde Ale. These are our three main beer s however we have 9-10 other beers that will make a regular appearance from a Pale Ale to a Belgian IPA, Imperial Brown Ale and even a Pumpkin Ale.



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  1. I have tried all 3 beers and would say my favorite is the Torque IPA the best. however, the milk chocolate oatmeal stout is also excellent. I am not hugh fan of hoppy IPA’s but still enjoyed the black IPA.

  2. That’s not right. I thought I would be the first and last brewer in Renton. Damn it! Kidding. There has been a void in Renton for low these past 14 years.
    Congrats guys.

  3. The magnus stout and the imperial IPA are outstanding. Looking forward to what strong arm comes up with next.

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