New Brewery Opens Today in Bellevue – Resonate Brewery and Pizzeria

A new brewery opens today (Nov. 10th) at 4:00 in Bellevue. Resonate Brewery and Pizzeria is located in the Newport Hills Shopping Center, not far off I-405 in the heart of the Newport Hills neighborhood (see details below). They are not brewing in house just yet, but will be soon. For now, expect a few of their own beers on tap, complemented by a bunch of guest taps.

For people in a neighborhood starving for more craft beer and dining options, the wait has been agonizing, but that’s nothing compared to what Mike Ritzer, the owner of Resonate Brewery and Pizzeria, has endured. “We’ve been a little gun-shy about talking publicly since we’ve had a previous lease attempt fall apart at the 11th hour,” said Ritzer, who explained that the process of opening the brewery and restaurant took almost 2 years.

Brewing equipment arrived in June. Picture pinched from Facebook.
Brewing equipment arrived in June. Picture pinched from Facebook.

“It seems like we’ve been in almost open status for about 4 years now,” said Ritzer. “We didn’t want to frustrate potential customers by sharing a constantly slipping opening date so we have been deliberately not committing to one.”

That’s all over now. Today is the day.

Picture lifted from Resonate Brewery & Pizzeria's Facebook page.
Picture lifted from Resonate Brewery & Pizzeria’s Facebook page.

“We are thrilled to have so many people excited about Resonate and eagerly awaiting an opening date,” they said in an announcement on their Facebook page. “Thanks again for your patience! Our amazing staff has been working hard to get the doors open. We did a test run this weekend and are feeling pretty comfortable.” (The picture at the top of this post was taken at the soft opening event.)

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Resonate Brewery & Pizzeria
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