New Brewhouse In Georgetown For Georgetown

For some time now, the beer brewed by Georgetown Brewing (particularly, Manny’s Pale Ale) has been ubiquitous around Seattle. Manny’s is everywhere. If you’ve ever visited the brewery down in Georgetown, you might have been surprised at its relatively modest size. To date, Roger and Manny have done a masterful job of providing an uninterupted supply of beer to so many thirsty tap handles with just a 15 barrel brewing system. I don’t mean to suggest that a 15 barrel system is all that small, but Manny’s is everywhere!

We’ve just learned that Georgetown Brewing is now making beer in its brand new brewhouse–also located in Georgetown. Where else would it be? The new brewhouse quadruples the brewing capacity with a 60 barrel system. Now that’s more like it. They are currently making beer in both locations. 

For at least the next year, they intend to keep the retail operation in the original location–in the old Seattle Malting and Brewing Company building often referred to as the original Rainier brewery. So you don’t need to call for directions the next time you want to stop by and pick up a growler of Bob’s Brown Ale or the Super Hop Chopper Red (Mmmmmm). Rest assured that we’ll report it when they do move the whole shootin’ match down the street.