New Limited Release from Rogue

Sure, Rogue is headquartered in Newport, OR. Sure, most of their brewhouses are in Oregon as well. But they do make beer in Issaquah and they are members of the Washington Brewers Guild. And let’s face it, they make good beer. That’s why we bring you Rogue news.

This just in from John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue, annoucing the release of Markus Brau, a limited edition Munich Helles style lager. “Markus Brau is a collaboration of Markus Lohner, President and manufacturer of our BrauKon brewhouse and myself. It is a German Lager, I think of it as a munich Helles style. The aroma is pleasantly grainy-sweet, the color is topaz hued, and the flavor is malty with low hop bitterness that supports the malty palate. It is lagered for 5 weeks. Available draft only.”